Wish You Were A ‘Morning Person’…?


Assalam Alaikum,

I used to wish I was one of those people who could wake up early and be super-productive in the morning, but it always seemed like being a ‘Night Person’ was ingrained in my DNA or something.

At some point in my personal development journey, I realised that this has nothing to do with your personality type. It just requires a little “brain re-wiring” and I want to show you how:

In reality, anyone can wake up early and make the most of the early hours – including you.

It doesn’t take a lot of ‘discipline’. It just requires a little shift in approach.

And if you’re up for it… (yes – that was a really bad pun 😉 …I’d like to show you how:

Click the link above to a new web-class where I walk you through how to go from being a ‘night person’ to a ‘morning person’, so you can wake up for Fajr & be productive all day long!

Don’t worry, I’m not holding this web-class at 6am.

I’m running it a few times over these few days, so just select which session works better for your time-zone (and sleeping habits).

Enjoy the class & the life-upgrade. You’re welcome :O)

Peace, Love & Blessings.


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