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Create Your Masterpiece

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You have a higher calling. And you know it.

Your Masterpiece is the thing you’ve been hiding from. Just thinking about your Masterpiece fills you with fear, self-doubt and an enormous amount of inner resistance. Your inner resistance is a compass that lets you know exactly which direction to look in, to find your own Masterpiece.

Your Masterpiece is the thing that is most likely to bring you fame, fortune, recognition, and respect. And if you worked on it every day for the rest of your life, and it never brought you any of those things, it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to you. Of course, if you haven’t yet consciously acknowledged what your Masterpiece is, it seems impossible that you would ever deserve any of those things, as much as you may fantasise about them.

Here are some common attributes to give you an idea of what your Masterpiece may look like:

  • A piece of creative work: a book, symphony, song, video, podcast – that you have fantasised about creating, but haven’t been brave enough to actually get to serious work on, yet. Or maybe you are working on it right now, in which case you already know exactly what I mean.
  • Anything which seems like a higher calling – that morally, ethically, or spiritually uplifts you and the world
  • Any kind of business venture you dreamed up
  • Your body – if you’re working on any kind of diet or exercise regime, to shape the temple from which you make every prayer
  • Anything that you know will improve the quality of other people’s lives if you follow through on it
  • Anything to do with learning, developing, or self-improvement (although if you’re a self-improvement junkie like me, it’s the thing you’re hoping the next self-improvement book or program will give you the strength to do).
  • It is always something that takes you to a higher plane of consciousness. If you’re current work is feeding and educating hungry, impoverished children in Africa, and you want to leave that to make big bucks as a recruitment consultant sales rep… that’s most likely not your Masterpiece.
  • It’s often something you don’t believe you can achieve – like becoming a professional football player.
  • It’s most likely something you’ve secretly been fantasising about for a long time.
  • You may already be working on it, and secretly hoping that it’s something else, because the thing you’re working on freaks you out, fills you with self-doubt and fear, and you’re dying to quit because of it.
  • It always fills you with inner resistance. Thinking about doing it is usually way harder than actually just doing it.
  • To achieve it will most likely take years of hard work and daily dedication, but each day you do work on it, brings its own rewards
  • You will never be done working on your Masterpiece. Before you finish one piece of it, ready for the world to see, you’ll already know where you need to focus your work next.
  • It will likely leave behind a legacy. And yes, raising beautiful, healthy children may well be your Masterpiece.
  • It may be something society, your community and even your family, tells you it shouldn’t be. (Like leaving a career in Medicine, to become a personal coach… Ahem…)

Realising what your Masterpiece is, is about 1 billion times more powerful and inspiring than writing out a goal. Often we create goals in all areas of life, just to avoid thinking about or committing to our Masterpiece.

You only have 1 Masterpiece. Your may have different Masterpieces in different phases of life, but in any one phase of life, you only have 1 Masterpiece. 3 years ago, my Masterpiece was to get coaching clients, and make a successful business out of it. After achieving that, my Masterpiece evolved into something else.

Do you already have a pretty clear idea about what your Masterpiece is?

Or are you still in denial?

When I coach a client, often the first thing on my ‘secret agenda’ to completely transform their life, is to help them consciously realise what their Masterpiece is. It’s the most empowering thing I can give them. Here are a few more ideas to help you become more conscious of yours…

  • What is the one goal that, if you achieved it, would make all your other goals look like an absolute piece of cake?
  • What is something that if you worked on every single day, and still never achieved it, would still bring an enormous amount of joy to your life?
  • What goal are you afraid to tell your friends & family about?
  • What would you work on if you didn’t have to go to work?
  • What do you feel inspired to learn about or do, for no apparent reason?

If you’re brave enough to let this moment be the one that changes your life, go ahead and write down your Masterpiece in the comments box below. (You can opt-out of having it post directly to Facebook if you want – that really depends on how courageous you’re feeling in this moment.)

Why Is Your Masterpiece So Important?

Your Masterpiece is an outward expression of your inner freedom. We’ve all been indoctrinated by a constant bombardment of advertisements, TV, radio, MTV, internet ads, etc., to believe that the freedom we seek can be found in the instant gratification that we’ll get when we buy a certain product. It cannot. It can only be found by dedicating yourself whole-heartedly to your Masterpiece.

This requires a certain level of self-mastery. That’s why most people will never even come close to creating or pursuing their Masterpiece. It’s also why we have an enormous amount of respect for anyone who overcomes their inner resistance and is brave enough, every day, to work on their Masterpiece. Here are some people who inspire me, for this very reason:

  • Professor Tariq Ramadan – who wakes up every day, researches & writes his books, even in the face of enormous external criticism
  • Bruce Lee – who’s pursuit of martial arts mastery was strikingly evident just by looking at his physique & skill
  • Paulo Coelho – who masters himself every day he writes his next book of inspiration
  • Lionel Messi – who’s humility is proof that he knows that his Masterpiece of footballing skill comes from a combination of God-given talent and hard daily work
  • Jessica Ennis – and every other Olympic gold-medal winner, and competitor, for that matter
  • Mahatma Ghandi, Malcom X, Martin Luthor King, Nelson Mandela – their Masterpiece was expressed in their willingness to be imprisoned & even die for their political ideals, which raised the consciousness of humanity (or at least of their followers)

Working on your Masterpiece, is your highest form of worship. There is no way for you to serve and adore the Master of the Universe more, than by creating & pursuing your Masterpiece. All other forms of worship simply serve to prepare you internally to do this.

Your most beautiful, inspiring life is awaiting you. So, what are you waiting for? Get to work.

[If you’d like me to help you discover your Masterpiece so you can get to work on it, watch this webinar, and if it makes sense to you, join the Instant Ihsan program. If you sign up now, you can catch Module 5 which will be taught on Wednesday 8th May 2013, and is called “Inspired Action, Effortless Productivity & Uncovering Your Highest Ibada (Your Masterpiece)…”]

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Innate Wellbeing

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Getting into a state of instant clarity, presence, inner-peace, effortless productivity and permanent well-being and joy, is much easier than you have been lead to believe.

That’s because it’s…

Your Natural State

In Arabic, we call this your ‘fitra’ – the natural state of clarity you’re born into. The belief for the ancients was that a child is innocently born into this world, in this perfect state of inner peace and mental clarity, and then parents, family, community & society mess the child up. They teach the child that her innocence and natural wonder at the world is foolish, and that they will lead her to be hurt.

When I was a child, I had imaginary friends. Their names were Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael. Yes, they were turtles. And ninjas. And they were awesome. In my little fantasy land, I was an even cooler ninja though. I had a small stick, which at the flick of the wrist could turn into a long stick, or nunchaku, and could shoot out a rope in case I ever had to climb a building – like onto the roof of my house (which, unfortunately for my parents was a daily occurrence).

Sometimes I tried to get my real-life friends in on the games I’d play with the ninjas, but often that didn’t work because they had their own fantasy friends, with their own games. We’d usually settle on playing ‘Manhunt’ or spying on the adults.

Here’s the thing: the moment my mum or dad called me inside for dinner, I’d instantly drop what I was doing with the other ninjas, and go in. I didn’t talk to anyone else about the ninjas, because that was my world. And it was a fantasy. I knew they didn’t really exist, and weren’t really real. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that. But, the fact is, I enjoyed hanging out with them, often more than my real friends.

The Source Of Stress

Believe it or not, I actually don’t play with ninjas any more. I have other, more grown up fantasies now. Sometimes they’re based on something kind of real. Like, in a couple of weeks I’m going to speak on a stage in front of a hundred or so coaches and talk about [insert interesting, and vitally important topic for coaches]. And, so now and then, I fantasise about it. And in my fantasies, I am the man. Tony Robbins doesn’t come close to the kind of transformation those coaches get when I’m done with them.

Their lives completely change, and they tell me all about it.

But, every now and then, a more ‘serious’, ‘real’ thought creeps in. Like “oh my gosh, it’s only in a couple of weeks, I’d better get to work on creating the speech right now”… Or “what in the world am I going to teach, what if I try teaching XYZ and no-one gets it, because I didn’t explain it right, and it turns into a boredom fest… just like that time when I ran that NLP workshop once and tried copying Brian Tracy’s style. [Gasp], what if they realise I’m a fake, and I just fluked my way into coaching, and working with Christian Mickelsen… what if…”

By now, each of the thoughts seems more real and serious, and accurate. And I’m losing sight of the fact that it’s just ego-thought. It’s just a fantasy, the same as the Tony Robbins fantasy, and the playing with Ninja Turtles fantasy. Fortunately, my brilliant innate wisdom, my in-built system, has an alarm bell that rings, to remind me that I’m not seeing the situation accurately. An in-built: “you’re losing it dude, chill out, it’s just a dream” alarm bell. You have the same in-built alarm bell. You’re already very familiar with it. You might know it as your…

Negative Emotions

…in this particular case it was “stress”

Much like the using the Force in Star Wars, search your feelings, for they always direct you to the truth of your situation. That’s the only function of negative emotions: to tell you that you’re not seeing it right.

You see…

100% of your feelings come from your thinking in the moment. My stress wasn’t coming from the fact that I need to speak at a conference. My stress was coming from my thinking in that moment. My feeling of stress was an alarm bell that reminded me that I’m losing my mind a little bit… because I’m actually starting to believe that the fantasy I just made up is real.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having the fantasy – the positive version or the negative version. There is something a little mis-guided about believing that the fantasy is actually real.

Let me put it this way…

Imagine the kid who knows that his fantasies of playing with his imaginary ninja friends are not real, and are just “make-believe”. Compare him to a man locked up in a mental asylum who believes his thoughts about the imminent Apocalypse actually are real. Which one of these 2 people are closer to their natural state of innate well-being and mental clarity?

Now, here’s the trick:

Your mind is a self-correcting system.

You don’t need to ‘try’ to stop fantasising when you feel stressed. You don’t need to ‘do’ anything about the situation. Now that you know that stress is just a signal that is there to remind you that in this moment you’re believing your fantasies are real… you can let go. Your mind will go back to its normal, default setting – you’ll go back to your “fitra” – your natural state of clarity, peace, and well-being automatically.

Most people don’t have this insight, so a lot of personal development teachers and coaches will encourage you to try “changing the negative stress-causing thoughts into positive feel-good thoughts”. That used to seem like a good idea to me, until I realised that ego-thoughts are not real. Your ego-thoughts give you your experience of life, but they are not real. Trying to change the thoughts from negative to positive is possible, but it pre-supposes that the thoughts you’re having are real – and that just gets in the way of a system that will self-correct for you automatically from now on.

Of course, you’ll forget you ever read this article. You’ll get caught up in your own ‘stuff’, as I do sometimes. You’ll get stressed out over your fantasies now and then. But, now that you’ve had this insight, your negative thinking will have a weaker and weaker hold over your mind. Your negative states will disappear as quickly as they appeared, now that you know that they are just an alarm bell reminding you that you’re not seeing the situation right – that you are starting to believe your ego-thoughts are real.

You don’t need to remember this, you just need to acknowledge it right now. Your mind will do the rest automatically. And you’ll go back to your ‘fitra’ – your innate state of well-being. If you want to immerse yourself in this new paradigm for personal growth,  you’ll love this deep, powerful, free online training on Effortless Transformation.  

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… Is Your Nafs-Thought.

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In the previous article, I alluded to the source of all your spiritual struggles –  the thing that stops you realising how perfect you are, and causes a load of negative thinking patterns that hurt you and sometimes cause you to act in ways that hurt yourself and others.

The source of all your spiritual struggles is a part of you I call your “ego-thought”.

The moment you see your ‘ego-thought’ for what it is, you can free yourself from a lot of the worries and intense, damaging thoughts that may have been paralysing your spiritual growth, and sabotaging your attempt to achieve personal and professional goals up to now.

So, what exactly is ‘ego-thought’?

‘Ego-thought’ is any thought based on the misunderstanding that your feelings come from something other than thinking in the moment.

The more deeply and clearly you understand the above sentence, the higher your level of consciousness.

We all logically and intellectually know that our feelings come from inside of us – from our mind, and yet every single time something occurs to you as a ‘problem’ I can guarantee you, you’ve lost sight of the fact that nothing outside of you can make you ‘feel’ anything.

Before we go deeper into the definition of “ego-thought”, in order to help you understand it more clearly, let’s explore the nature of ‘thought’ itself.

What is Thought?

‘Thought’ is your self-generated perception of reality. Here are some examples of things you experience all the time, that come from your thought:

  • everything you are experiencing of the outside world right now is actually being generated by your mind thanks to the power of “thought”. In other words, it’s your self-generated perception of reality. Your perception and your experience doesn’t actually come from the outside world – it is generated inside of your own mind.
  • if you close your eyes and try to remember what the room around you looks like, that image in your mind’s eye, is made from your ‘thought’
  • if you remember anything that has ever happened to you in the past, mundane or emotional, that memory is ‘thought’
  • if you imagine something happening in the future, that ‘future-memory’ or ‘fantasy’ is your ‘thought’
  • when you were a child and you used to play with your imaginary friends, those friends were a figment of your thought
  • everything you imagine, past, present or future, is your thought.

To really ‘get’ how much of your current reality is influenced by your ‘thought’, requires a couple of movie references. Have you ever seen ‘Inception’, the movie by Christopher Nolan starring Leonardo Di Caprio? If not, go and watch it. It was probably the best movie of 2010.

In the movie, Di Caprio explains how dreams work. When you’re in a dream, you don’t realise you’re in a dream. Your mind is so powerful that it creates your experience of reality, and then instantly lets you experience the reality it just created, so quickly, that you don’t even realise you just created it. The truly fascinating thing is that this is exactly how it works when you are wide awake, too.

Pause. Take a deep breath, and read the paragraph above again.

You are not experiencing reality. You are actually experiencing your mind-generated perception of reality. You are experiencing your ‘thought’. 100% of your experience of everything that’s around you right now is NOT coming from outside of you – it is being generated from within your own mind.

Every time I see the truth of this, it blows my mind.

Think of it like this:

Have you ever heard of ‘Virtual Reality’? It’s like the ultimate video game that hasn’t been invented yet. If you’ve ever seen: ‘The Matrix’, or ‘Total Recall’, or ‘The Lawnmower Man’ or any episode of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ involving the ‘Holodeck’, you know exactly what I mean. There’s some kind of super-advanced machine that basically generates a game world.

You plug yourself into the machine, or wear the mask, or step into the room, and you enter the ‘Virtual Reality World’. This world seems completely real to you in every way, but it’s just a fantasy generated by a machine that is somehow plugged into your brain. In reality, you are sitting in a chair or standing in a small room.

Well, here’s the thing:

You are in the Matrix. The difference is that you’re not sitting in a chair, plugged into a machine operated by an alien-like race of machines (as far as I’m aware!). However, you are in the Matrix that is generated by your own mind. Your mind is a virtual reality machine. It uses the power of ‘thought’ to generate the perception of reality that you are experiencing right now as ‘real life’.

You do not experience reality. You experience your ‘thought’ – your mind-generated perception of reality. Your mind generates that perception based on the information that comes to it through your 5 senses.

I’m not saying the outside world does not exist. I am saying that 100% of your experience of the outside world is generated from within your mind. Of course, it seems very real to you when you are caught up in it. But it’s not real. It’s just ‘thought’.

So, how come your “thoughts” seem so real?

Because your mind is the best virtual reality machine in the world, with the best special effects department in the world, that works to generate the thought that you are experiencing right now. That’s why it often seems as though you are experiencing reality. But you are not. You are only ever experiencing your ‘mind-generated perception of reality’ (your own ‘thought’).

Your thought isn’t ‘real’. But, it does seem completely real to you, most of the time. In reality, it’s literally just the ‘stuff dreams are made of’.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article: the source of all your spiritual struggles is your “ego-thought” – any thoughts based on the assumption that your feelings come from something other than your thinking in the moment.

The moment you see through this myth is the moment of your spiritual awakening.

Every time you become aware of the distinction between your feelings coming from outside of you (the illusion) versus your feelings coming from inside of your mind (the truth), a lot of wonderful things start happening for you, effortlessly.

For example, you will…

  • instantly feel a huge amount of relief as you clearly see that your biggest worries are 100% the result of your own internally generated thinking, not an external reality
  • experience an innate sense of well-being and peace – that’s what you experience when you know your feelings are self-generated and no-one and no-thing can hurt you – only your own thought can
  • have instant clarity on problems that used to freak you out
  • be completely unaffected by imaginary fears that used to take up a lot of your attention
  • become instantly ‘present’, and fully aware of this moment, rather than reminiscing about the past or fantasizing about the future
  • become enormously productive and effective at whatever you feel like working on (which will probably be stuff you love doing and believe in)
  • instantly un-do years of conditioning and limiting beliefs
  • access an enormous amount of spiritual energy that you can use to fulfil your heart’s truest desires
  • start to see the world more clearly, and more accurately, and notice its beauty a lot more.
  • live more in alignment with the Truth of how the world actually works, rather than the fantasy of how you think it ‘should’ work.
  • love yourself and your life a lot more for no reason.


So, if seeing through the illusion of your ego-thought is the only thing getting in the way from you experiencing all of this, it begs the question…

How do you get into the above states of clarity, presence, well-being, inner-peace and effortless productivity and stay there all of the time?

The great news is… it’s a LOT easier than you might think.

If you’d to achieve this kind of Effortless Transformation, watch this free online training.

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It’s true.

I know it may not seem true to you, but trust me, this statement is absolutely, 100% true: “You are perfect, just the way you are, right now in this moment.”

You don’t need to change anything. You don’t need to try forcing positive thoughts through your mind. You don’t need an NLP-Jedi mind trick. You are exactly the way the Most Loving, the Infinitely Wise, wants you to be in this moment.

How do I know this is true?

Because if the Most Powerful wanted you to be any other way right now, that’s the way you would be. But you’re not. You’re the way you are. You can’t be, in this moment, any other way than the way you are. And thank God for that, because the way you are right now is just perfect.

When I first came across this understanding, I thought:

“No, no, no… that CAN’T be true. That may be true of other people, but you have NO IDEA how much I sin and screw up! I do it all the time. Like, every day, I do one sin or another. To be honest, I don’t even make all the 5 daily prayers, the other day I lied to my dad (my own dad!) and today I [insert long list of random sins that come from normal human imperfection, but seemed like a big deal to me at the time]…”

I’m not saying you don’t make mistakes and ‘sin’. In my belief system, if humanity didn’t sin, the Most Forgiving would eliminate us and replace us with people that do sin, so they could turn back, asking for forgiveness.

Sinning (engaging in actions, words or thoughts that harm yourself or others) is something we all do, every day. The perfect version of “you” is not someone who never sins, but one who sins, and then takes the Path of Forgiveness.

Another MAJOR objection I had to the idea that I’m already ‘perfect’, with all my sin, and all my in-built imperfection, was my misguided idea of “self-improvement”. In my mind, I always had this idea of ‘a more perfect version of me’. This version of me is really awesome. You would love him. (I know I did!). Check out what his life looks like:

  •  wakes up at dawn every day
  •  prays all 5 prayers on time, every time
  •  works out everyday (and obviously has a rippling six-pack)
  •  black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (and maybe Thai Boxing too, depending on what movies I’ve been watching recently)
  • memorised the entire Quran and knows it like the back of his hand, and can interpret it in a way that makes perfect sense for him (and all of humanity)
  • knows ancient Arabic better than J.K. Rowling knows English
  • millionaire philanthropist
  • travelled the world
  • has a smoking hot, yet deeply spiritual wife, who is his perfect companion in life
  • speaks perfect Spanish, French, Italian, and (reluctantly) Catalan 😉

Now, some of these things are actually true for me right now, some of them have been in the past, and some of them may be in the future. And, of course, some of them are not, have not and will not ever be true for me.

The problem is that I had this ‘misguided idea of self-improvement’, where I used to think that my purpose in life was to move from the current (imperfect) version of me to the future, imagined ‘more perfect’ version of me.

So, here are 2 important questions for you:

1. In the back of your mind do you have an image of “the perfect you” that you’re always unconsciously trying to live up to?

If so, here’s an even more important question…

2. Where does that image of the ‘more perfect version of me’ come from?

If you’re always trying to live up to ‘the perfect you’, my guess is that (if you’re anything like me), you may also have experienced some of these:

  • An internal voice constantly telling you that you are not good enough, in a brilliant variety of disempowering ways
  • If you do something you consider ‘good’ you quickly dismiss it as irrelevant because you do so much ‘bad’ that this could barely make up for it,
  • If you do something you consider ‘good’ you quickly dismiss it as irrelevant because you’re meant to do good anyway, so it’s no big deal!
  • When you do something you consider ‘bad’, or when you do a ‘sin’ (something that harms yourself or others), you punish yourself by re-living it many, many times over in your mind.
  • No matter how hard you try, you never do ‘enough’ to fit your image of the perfect you… You don’t pray enough, meditate enough, fast enough, work out enough, work hard enough, serve others enough. Compared with your perfect self, whichever way you look at it, you’re a failure.
  • Because of this, you are ‘busy’ in a way that you can never really free yourself from. There’s always more to do, and you’ve never done enough.

If you experience some or all of this, then you really need to ‘get’ where the image of ‘the perfect you’ comes from – because all of the patterns above come from the same place.

It comes from a little part of yourself that has different names in different cultures, but everyone universally seems to have an idea of what it is. From Western psychologists, to Eastern spiritual masters, this part of yourself has been the subject of study for millennia. It’s a part of you that you may have heard about, or read about, and been naturally curious about.

It’s the part of you that is standing in the way of your spiritual growth, that blocks you from being clear-headed & productive, and blinds you from realizing that you already are the most perfect version of you.

Most importantly, the part of you that causes all of the negative, disempowering patterns above can be instantly eliminated. If you’d like to achieve this kind of Effortless Transformation, watch this free online training.


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The Book Of Wisdom – Preface

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The Book Of Wisdom: Seven Spiritual Insights For Self-Mastery

I am unsure where to begin. So, I begin in the name of the Most Loving, who has blessed us with a total abundance of wisdom, and left it up to us to open our minds, and soften our hearts enough to access it.

I have wanted, for many years, to write this. I believe what follows may be a doorway for you to access the Healing Light of the divine. However, in order to get to the point where I could write this, I have had to experience the pain of heart-break, mental poverty, neediness, unfulfilled desires, envy, and anger, to name but a few of the afflictions with which my heart was diseased.

If there were no challenges, we would not get to access our potential.

The subject of this book, and this website, is self-mastery. This can only be obtained through a systematic, conscious effort towards attaining wisdom. What follows is a summation of my own efforts in this direction.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime of searching to find what was inside of you all along.

Along my own journey, I have encountered many teachers from the West and the East. Through experience I have learned that the only way to access true wisdom is to acknowledge that the best of teachers is usually the one right in front of you. The most effective way to access your teacher’s wisdom is to give them your fullest attention, using all the critical faculties of your intellect. The greatest benefit of wisdom is self-mastery.

You can only change the world to the extent that you can change yourself.

It is my most sincere hope that the experiences and the ‘wisdom’ I share here are of some benefit to you, and help you attain a higher degree of self-mastery. If that does not happen, this effort has been wasted.

How This Book Works

To start with, I will write on this blog whenever I feel inspired as though I am writing directly into the book. If it is meant to be, this writing will ultimately form a published book. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy reading it as it is written right here on this blog. I would love any feedback from you, especially to know if you found anything particularly inspiring or confusing, and unless you tell me otherwise, I may quote some of your feedback to encourage others to read the book too.

As I write more chapters, I will turn it into a pdf which I will email to you if you sign up to the email list. That way, you’ll get access to the entire book in the correct order, not just the first few sections written haphazardly on this blog. By being on the email list, you’ll get some other gifts from me now & then too, perhaps including access to the first physical copy of the book.

If at any point, anything I write benefits you, touches you in some way, makes you feel good, or facilitates your personal growth, all I ask in return is that you share it with those you love.

The Source Of Wisdom

I am somewhat conflicted over whether or not to reveal all the sources that the gems of wisdom I plan to share with you come from. I have decided against this. Part of the problem humanity faces is that we limit our true identity by attaching labels to each other. Then we argue over those labels. And, eventually, we go to war over them. I would rather express myself clearly and honestly, with the purest intention in my heart: to be as loving and truthful as possible as I share the deepest secrets of my heart with you.

If these insights come from a name-less, home-less, unknown drunk, who lives on the street, I hope you are humble enough to accept that there may still be truth in these ramblings, and wise enough to realise that the weaknesses inherent to the messenger should not cloud your judgement of the message.

Whether or not you believe in a ‘Creator’, and whatever names you use for ‘It’, the spiritual insights I share in this book will benefit you if you indulge me by looking past the labels, and into the truth behind them.

Rest assured, I believe the ultimate source of this wisdom is the source of all wisdom – the Most Wise. If the Creator chooses to void this writing of any blessing, it will be fruitless. If the Creator chooses to use me as a tool for divine guidance, it will be done.

Who This Book Is For

I write this for you, and the Spiritual Warrior inside of you. The part of you that is constantly struggling to attain happiness, but knows that it is possible. The part of you that takes action, with no guarantee of results. The part of you that will take the road less travelled, even when those around you discourage it. The part of you that will love, even in the face of rejection. The part of you that seeks the truth, even when it goes against yourself. The part of you that struggles to do the right thing, even when it’s the hardest thing in the world to do. The part of you that is tempted by the easy path, even when you know it leads to self-destruction.

The path of the Spiritual Warrior is the path of wisdom. It is simple, and you will intuitively recognise its truth. However, being simple does not make it easy. And recognising the truth alone does not lead to virtue.





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