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Assalam Alaikum,

Okay, here’s the scoop – when I wake up tomorrow, the price of my Productive From Fajr product goes up from £297 to £597:

Click here to get the discounted price!

If you want to wake up and be productive from Fajr effortlessly, this program is incredible (see testimonials in this email). It won’t just improve your spiritual life, it will make your spiritual life improve your productivity!

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, today’s the last day to get it before the price doubles. If you missed my earlier emails (or Yikes… Maybe you read them and didn’t take action!), I’ll quickly recap the offer and connect the dots for you:


If you want to wake up with spiritual energy, feeling totally ‘in the zone’ and productive, my ‘Productive From Fajr’ system gets you there quickly and easily.

There are 3 key habits you need to install to make this a lived reality so that you can be spiritually productive and live your Highest, Best Self all day, every day, insha’Allah:

First, you need to wake up for Fajr, fully rested and energised.

Second, you need to start your day in a way that gets you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically ready to handle anything.

Third, you need to have consistent energy all day long, by eating, working and praying in a rhythm that gets the best out of you.

‘Productive From Fajr’ is a program I designed to get you to install all 3 of these habits in your life, so that six weeks from now, you’re more productive than ever, insha’Allah.


The price of my program today is just £297. Tomorrow the investment in this program will double, and the bonuses will disappear – it’ll still totally be worth the new price, but why not take action now and get it at just £297 while you can.


I’m also going to include TWO tickets to my next event, “Time Freedom Formula”. This is all about upgrading your mind-set when it comes to making the most of your time and permanently letting go of ‘Time Scarcity’ and limiting beliefs that may have been keeping you stressed or procrastinating.

AND… I’ll bonus in my most powerful, popular 7 Module program, the “Instant Ihsan” course, free with your order so that you have a free and clear mind and the spiritual energy to fulfil your highest potential, insha’Allah.

AND… I’ve decided to add another bonus for you. I haven’t done this in years, but if you order my “Productive From Fajr” course by Friday, April 7th, I’m also going to include a 45 minute 1-to-1 Personal Breakthrough Session with me – AND I’ll even give you a free ticket to the annual event “The Paradigm Shift”, which my TV show “Taqwa Transformation” is based on! Woohoo!


I’m reaching out to you now to let you know that the price of my Productive From Fajr course is going up to £597 tomorrow. And I wanted to give you a chance to order before it does. The reason I’m raising the price is that it’s worth much more than what I’m currently charging. I wanted to sell some copies first and get some success stories (I want your story too).

The reason you should get this course now is that it’s an amazing way to double your productivity and become more present and ‘in the zone’ all day, so that your connection with Allah deepens, and your work is infused with Spiritual Excellence, or ‘ihsan’, insha’Allah.

Do you ever get really stressed with everything you have to do and sometimes waste energy worrying and find yourself procrastinating? This easy system will eliminate that for good, insha’Allah.

Click here to get it now.


Tomorrow morning when I wake up, I’ll do my ‘Perfect Fajr Morning Ritual’, insha’Allah, and then I will raise the price of the product.

So, if the link still works and your cart shows “£297” then you just made it in time.



“Waking Up For Fajr Without An Alarm & Been Very Productive At Work”
“I’ve been listening to your program: only been a week and would like to update you with the following insights that I’ve been experiencing:
-Waking up for fajr without an alarm clock
-Feeling free from the inside- something lifted off my shoulders
-Tingling feeling on my crown chakra and on my shoulders (feel this when sometimes praying and making dua as well)
-Been very productive at work
-When I’m making wudu, I actually feel I’m washing away my sins before performing salah
Alhamdulillah for all of the above”
— S.M.
“I Pray Tahajjud & Have A Daily Relationship With The Quran…”
“Everything Has Changed…! Now I Have A Daily Relationship With The Quran, I Pray Tahajjud, Emotional Eating Is Gone, My Relationships Are Better – And I’m Making Money Doing What I Love In My Business…”
–Monica Boddie
“The First Time I’ve Ever Had A Totally Guilt-Free Week!”
“Woah – when you said “If you’re praying to get good feelings, you’re not really praying to Allah – but to your own nafs”, that changed everything. I completely let go of guilt of not praying, and quit beating myself up so much in my head… quietened my thoughts down – and had a totally guilt-free week!”
— R.H
“I Actually Enjoy Reading the Quran & Praying Fajr Now…”
Reading the Quran & praying doesn’t feel like a must or a should anymore. It’s not something I have to do but want to do.
I want to pick up the Quran and read but don’t feel guilty when I don’t. Its a joy and pleasure to read. I actually ENJOY reading the Quran & praying. I feel so empowered!!! I feel blessed.
–Robina Kauser

Just go here to get my Productive From Fajr program before the price goes up tomorrow.


Peace, Love & Blessings.

P.S. If you have any questions about the program and if it will work for you, please just reply to this email today and that will lock in your price for a few more days so that I can answer your questions.

If this email answered all your questions, then what are you waiting for? Say ‘Bismillah’, and let’s get started!

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