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Assalam Alaikum,

I started Quran Coaching officially back in 2009 as a way to inspire people to achieve their Quran Goals, like:

  • Memorizing
  • Learning Arabic
  • Reciting with fluency
  • Learning tajweed (correct recitation)
  • Completing a tafsir

Over the years, many students achieved this and more importantly developed a deep, meaningful, personal connection with the Quran, masha’Allah.

But, you want to know what made all of this possible?

It’s something quite unexpected & it has absolutely nothing to do with the Quran or spirituality (on the surface).

What made this all possible is that after learning how to coach people, I learned a system of how to get clients.

Without learning that, I could have been the best coach in the world, with the most beneficial insights, but no-one would know or care, and my skills would have gone to waste.

Since my TV shows “The Quran Coach” and “Taqwa Transformation” aired, a lot of coaches started contacting me, wanting to know  2 things:

  1. How do I get people to experience such amazing results?
  2. How did I get all those clients in the first place?

Here’s the secret:

People think you need to be an amazing coach to get clients.

The truth is, you need to get loads of clients to become an amazing coach.

Otherwise, you have a skill set that will wear off because you don’t have the opportunity to practice it all day every day.

If you’re a coach, consultant, Quran teacher, or service-based business owner of any kind, this will be immensely beneficial if you want to grow your business & have a consistent flow of clients:

Never Ending Stream Of Clients.

It’s a short, powerful 30-minute web-class, where I let you peek behind the curtain of my business & show you exactly how I grew it from scratch.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

If you’re not a business owner of any kind & you just want to experience a transformational Ramadan, forward this email onto any coaches/ therapists/ consultants you might know… then click the blogs to the right for a series of videos to enhance your Ramadan.

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