The ocean fell into the drop.


Assalam Alaikum,

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

So said Mawlana Rumi, pointing to the magnificence of the True Self – the source of love & wisdom in the centre of your being.

The first time I heard this, I sat in silence for around half an hour, just in awe.

When you realise who you truly are, you can no longer be insecure, because there is literally nothing to be insecure about.

All insecurity is just an illusion created by thought.

For the last decade I’ve been creating personal growth programs designed to help people see this fact more deeply, in the context of the very real challenges and issues we all face in life. These trainings cover all six major areas of life, including: Mind-set, Body, Deen (Spirituality), Money, Time & Love.

Achieving big things in any one of these areas can seem like a daunting task… unless we let our True Selves guide the way.

When that happens, big changes can become truly effortless, because we’re no longer sabotaging ourselves with negative, destructive thoughts.

If you want that to happen for you, go here and as soon as it’s ready you’ll get access to ‘The Ocean’ – all of my training programs – for a fraction of the normal investment:

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Peace, Love & Blessings.





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