The Mufti In Your Mind 


One of the most disempowering creations of the nafs is what I like to call the “Mufti” that lives between your ears.

One of the most valuable things about The Paradigm Shift experience is that it frees you from your Inner Mufti forever:

So, what is your “Inner Mufti”?

A “Mufti” is a judge & your “Inner Mufti” is the judgmental part of you.

Here are some characteristics of your Inner Mufti…

  • Your Inner Mufti is constantly judging you for not being good enough. When you listen to its judgments, you feel really bad about yourself.
  • Your Inner Mufti is really hard on you. And makes you think you deserve it.
  • Your Inner Mufti is even harder on everyone else.
  • Your Inner Mufti has an impossible list of things you ‘should’ be doing. You cannot possibly do all of this “I Should Do It” list, so you feel dis-empowered.
  • Because you physically can’t do all the things your Inner Mufti says you should, you start to believe you’re powerless and “I can’t do it” becomes an unconscious mantra. Your Inner Judge gives rise to your Inner Victim.
  • The bigger the Inner Mufti’s “I Should Do It” list gets, the bigger your disempowered “I Can’t Do It” list gets. (Eg. “I should memorize the Quran every day… Oh no, I can’t do it – it’s too hard, my iman isn’t high enough…”)
  • Your Inner Mufti notices all the things other people do wrong (and makes you feel self-righteous and proud that you aren’t doing those things).

And perhaps the most important characteristic of all…

  • Your Inner Mufti is NOT a Mufti! It is not making these judgments based on any kind of deep spiritual knowledge. It’s making them up. And you innocently believe them, not realising where they’re coming from.

The ironic thing is that this self-righteous part of yourself has actually been undermining all of your attempts to self-actualize.

It’s the reason you’ve been struggling to do things like wake up for Fajr, memorize the Quran, learn a new language and get in great shape.

Here’s the good news…

It is possible to completely free yourself from your crazy Inner Mufti (we all have one!) and fulfill your highest potential.

If you want to know how, you’re going to love this…


Peace, Love & Blessings.

Mamoon 🙂


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