‘Productive From Fajr’ Price Increase in 2 Days – And Why You Should Grab This Now


Assalam Alaikum,

Would you like to wake up productive everyday, at Fajr?

My ‘Productive From Fajr’ system gets you there quickly and easily. There are 3 key habits you need to install to make this a lived reality:

First, you need to wake up for Fajr, fully rested and energised.

Second, you need to start your day in a way that gets you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically ready to handle anything.

Third, you need to have consistent energy all day long, by eating, working and praying in a rhythm that gets the best out of you.

‘Productive From Fajr’ is a program I designed to get you to install all 3 of these habits in your life, so that six weeks from now, you’re more productive than ever, insha’Allah.

I’m also going to include TWO tickets to my next event, “Time Freedom Formula”. This is all about upgrading your mindset when it comes to making the most of your time and permanently letting go of ‘Time Scarcity’ and limiting beliefs that may have been keeping you stressed or procrastinating.

AND… I’ll bonus in my most powerful, popular 7 Module program, the “Instant Ihsan” course with your order so that you have a free and clear mind and the spiritual energy to fulfil your highest potential, insha’Allah.

AND… I’ve decided to add another bonus for you. I haven’t done this in years, but if you order my “Productive From Fajr” course by Friday, April 7th, I’m also going to include a 45 minute 1-to-1 Personal Breakthrough Session with me – AND I’ll even give you a free ticket to the annual event “The Paradigm Shift”, which my TV show “Taqwa Transformation” is based on! Woohoo!

If you like the idea of waking up Productive From Fajr every day, I’ve got the solution right here and it’s yours until Friday, April 7th for only £297.

After that the price is going up to £597.


Because I was testing this low £297 price point to make sure the course would sell (and it did).

Later on it will likely rise to £997 which is ultimately what I want to sell it for, because it creates such huge, powerful changes in people’s lives. But right here, right now, until Midnight on Friday, April 7th, you can get it for just £297.


I hope you grab this now (my accountant hopes you grab it Saturday).
This is a no-brainer for any Muslim who wants to be more productive and this offer expires on Saturday:


(Oh, and if you already bought my Productive From Fajr Course, you have already won because you’re going to automatically get everything I’m including in this offer! I want to thank you and reward you for trusting in me before I even put all these extra bonuses out there – just email my team to claim your extra bonuses.)

Peace, Love & Blessings.

P.S. The price really is going up. This is not a marketing trick or some “evergreen” promotion.

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 the price of my course will be £597 – and still totally worth more than that.

But, if the link still works, you can snatch it up right now and save £300 off the new price:

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