Life-Coaches Are Lame



It’s true. Life-Coaches are lame. My worst-case scenario is when someone introduces me as a ‘life coach’.

What does that term even mean?

To most people, that’s just another way of saying ‘unemployed’.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I got dumped once because the girl told her mum I was a ‘life coach’ and she figured that means I’m broke.


Because most people have no idea what I do for a living, (no matter how much I try and explain it), chances are you’re not going to have any idea about what to expect, or the depth of lasting transformation waiting for you at The Paradigm Shift event…

So, here’s a quick list of what NOT to expect at The Paradigm Shift live event:

  • We won’t do NLP ‘mind tricks’ designed to convince you you’re happy or ‘work on’ your imaginary limitations.
  • No visualisation or meditation techniques that can only have a temporary placebo effect.
  • No ‘positive thinking’ affirmations or ‘mantras’ to make you feel better.
  • No jumping up and down to music in the hopes that you’ll ‘anchor’ good feelings to being around me, so you’re more likely to buy something (Seriously: this is an actual thing.)
  • No Rules about what to do and what not to do, to be a better person.
  • No list of things to do, or instructions on ways to be, so you can finally feel like you’re ‘good enough’.
  • No ’emotional release’ exercises or delving into your past traumas in the hopes that by playing around there, you’ll make them disappear
  • No preaching.
  • No time management or productivity techniques that an 8 year old could have figured out.
  • None of the typical garbage you might find at a self-help or personal growth course. And my personal favourite…


I know you might think you need some of the stuff listed above or that including some of these things might be beneficial.

The only reason you’d believe that is because you haven’t experienced The Paradigm Shift.

By the time The Paradigm Shift is over, you’ll see exactly why you can have all the benefits those ‘techniques’ are supposed to give you, without you having to do any of the ‘gimmicks’ listed above:


I hope to see you there, insha’Allah.

Peace, Love & Blessings.



P.S. Your Highest, Best Self doesn’t need you to do any of those gimmicks listed above – they’re all ways of trying to improve yourself when you don’t realise how incredibly awesome you already are.

When you experience the Paradigm Shift, you’ll get your first taste of truly ‘Effortless Transformation’. Seats are selling out fast. Grab yours now:

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