Instant Ihsan Program (for free…?!)


Assalam Alaikum ,

One of my all-time most popular online trainings programs is undoubtedly the life-changing “Instant Ihsan” program.

“Ihsan” is the state of spiritual excellence that we all strive for. The program was released in 2012 and it was seriously ground-breaking.

I still receive messages on a consistent basis about how much it changes peoples lives.

Read this carefully, all the way through to the end, then re-read it, because I’m going to give you a way to get this program for FREE.

In the Instant Ihsan program, you discover…

  • How the Quran itself can become your personal development coach
    What ‘nafs-thought’ is, and how to let go of it
  • The 21 diseases of the spiritual heart & the one simple, powerful cure for them
    How to raise your consciousness & deepen your connection with Allah
  • The power of rahma – how your life can be filled with love and freedom, where you’re so in touch with your “True Self”, that people can’t help but have love for you
  • The Inner Salam Method – the only ‘technique’ you’ll ever need to let go of all the anger, sadness, hurt, guilt & fear from your heart (This also works *extremely* well for mastering desires like hunger & sex)
  • How to uncover your “highest ibada” – that special purpose and mission Allah has only given you the potential to fulfill, that all other forms of worship are designed to internally prepare you for
  • 3 ways to instantly become present, based on personal, spiritual reflections on the Ihsan hadith – which will transform the quality of your prayers instantly.
  • Access your God-given “inner-guidance system”, that always points you in the right direction, and keeps you on the right path even in the face of big dilemmas


This program is available on my website right now for £497 and virtually everyone who studies it tells me how profoundly it has transformed their life & connection with Allah.

However, I do not want you to buy this program. Instead, I want to gift it to you for free, if you help me out…

See, on THIS Tuesday, 14th November, my book “Inside the Soul of Islam” is coming out.

And I want you to help me make it a #1 Amazon Best-Seller by getting it on Tuesday.

So, instead of buying Instant Ihsan now, I want you to wait until Tuesday, when I’ll give you this program and a LOT more for free, when you go to Amazon & scoop up a few copies of the book.

If you’re up for this, then click here to sign up for Tuesday’s Webinar, where I explain exactly what you get, how it works… and how, by working together, we can make Inside the Soul of Islam a best-seller that brings thousands of people closer to, and more loving towards, Islam, insha’Allah.

Peace, Love & Blessings.


P.S. In Summary, here’s the scoop:

Instant Ihsan is a life-changing program available on my website any time for £497
On Tuesday, when you buy my book Inside the Soul of Islam, you’ll get it for free
To take part, click here to sign up to Tuesday evening’s Book Launch Webinar.
Let’s do our part to change the world & deepen the global conversation around Islam. Together. Bismillah:
Join The Book Launch Webinar.



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