How to fix your marriage


Assalam Alaikum,

If your marriage needs fixing, you might be experiencing some of the things I went through a few years back, before I experienced The Paradigm Shift for myself:

  • You & your spouse fight all the time over little, pointless things
  • You wonder where the person you fell in love with disappeared to
  • You wonder if you’d still be in this relationship at all if you hadn’t been together for so long (… or if it wasn’t for the kids)
  • Resentment & bitterness seems to have building up over the years, and you can’t see how that’ll ever change
  • You spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not its worth risking leaving
  • You might have tried couples counselling, but things seem to have been getting even worse…

I totally get it. I’ve been there myself and I know first-hand what a difficult, emotionally challenging place that is.

However, I want you to know that you can turn your relationship around (even if your partner doesn’t seem to want to change).

Many, many of my clients experienced enormous shifts in their marriages when they first went through The Paradigm Shift.

During the event you’ll discover…

  • The key to improve your marriage (and other important relationships), even if your partner doesn’t seem to want to change.
  • The True Source of Love – discover the key to attract real loving relationships into your life & leave the event with a protective ‘force field’ when people insult you, reject you or try to hurt you.
  • How to know for sure whether you should end a bad relationship or whether it’s still worth trying to fix.

If you’re not having a Level 10 Relationship with your spouse, it doesn’t have to be that way. But, if you don’t do something about, it probably will just get worse.

What can you do?

Come to The Paradigm Shift Live Event.

You can bring your spouse, but they may not want to come. That’s okay. Just you coming will make a massive difference to your life & your marriage, insha’Allah.

I hope to see you later this month.

Click here to book your seat, while spaces last.

Peace, Love & Blessings.


P.S. If you purchased a product from me in the last 12 months, you might be entitled to a free ticket. If that’s you, reply to this email saying, “Hey, send me my free ticket”… and we’ll hook you up insha’Allah.

P.P.S. Click here to book now & you’ll get free online access to a marriage-saving program called “Enlightened Relationships”, which usually sells by itself for at least £297.

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