How To Be A Spiritual Warrior


On a mundane Sunday evening, I realised how I could become a “Spiritual Warrior”.

It all started the other day. I was chatting with my friend Usi and he said something that stopped me in my tracks. “This year 2,000,000 children will die of thirst.”

Like me, you probably didn’t register that number. If you’re in the States, maybe you saw the Superbowl. Remember how packed the stadium was? That stadium in New Orleans has a capacity of just 73,208.

Imagine 27 full stadiums like that. Now imagine they are full of children. Now imagine every one of them will die because they don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Now, imagine one of them is your beautiful child.

After my friend made that statement, there was a long pause as we were all thinking the same thing. Probably the same thing you’re thinking right now…

“What can I do about it?”

If you were raised in the Mandera district of North Eastern Kenya, that borders with Ethiopia… there would be nothing you could do about it. Your child would be in that situation, and you wouldn’t have the resources to do anything to stop it. You wouldn’t have the knowledge, skills, or bucks that you have now, if you’re lucky enough to live in a Western economy.

Maybe you can’t save all those lives. But, if you want, right now you can save one. 

And that’s all you need to do, because, “…whoever saves a life, it is as if he saves the lives of all of humanity.” – Quran 5:32

Did you ever wonder why the Quran says that?

Maybe it’s because someone, somewhere, loves that child so much that to them, if that innocent girl dies, it’s like losing their whole world – “all of humanity.”

You can be someone’s silent hero. You can be a spiritual warrior who saves lives, because that’s just who you are.

Just click here.

My friend Usi knows he can’t save all of those lives, but he is willing to do something extraordinary to hopefully inspire you to dish out a few quid – he’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (and he runs out of breath walking up a flight of stairs – the poor sod!)

Sponsor him to do it – just £500 will provide fresh clean drinking water and irrigation for an entire community – a permanent solution. That’s just $800 USD.

Just £50 gives fresh, clean water to a family in an “emergency”. I’m not sure exactly what constitutes an “emergency” but it might mean if they don’t get water, they will die. Just $80 will change all that.

Do what your heart tells you. Or, as my high school physics teacher Mr. Hand wisely said: “Give until it hurts, just a tiny bit.” That is what defines a “Spiritual Warrior” in my book.

P.S. Let the Quran enhance your life (by saving someone else’s).

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Hi Mammoon,

I just donated to the virgin water fund :_)

Been having some great spiritual realizations upon my return from San D. I posted about them http://www.claritymind.com/50-ways-to-awaken-you-to-your-highest-yourself/

Must have been the energy release at Impact!

And as a result of the conference, I changed my business structure a bit and quickly wrote this ebook. I’m feeling productive.


Sending many blessings your way, my spiritual warrior friend,



Yes we need to do something

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