Enlightened Relationship Weekend Workshop


Assalam Alaikum,

Just a quick one to let you know that my next workshop is coming up this weekend, and you’re invited:

Enlightened Relationships.

It follows the theme of the web-class I was running all last week, about improving our relationships, by improving our connection with Allah.

There are 5 keys to ‘Enlightened Relationships’:

  • Session 1: Turn Your Relationships Inside-Out

    If you’ve been following my work, you know that everything I teach is based on the Inside-Out Paradigm. We’ll start the event with a comprehensive introduction to it. (And if you come to the event, we’ll bonus in the Instant Ihsan program, to give you a head-start)

Join the “Enlightened Relationships Workshop” this weekend, insha’Allah.

  • Session 2: Avoid the Communication Trap

    Almost all relationships trainings are based on the false assumption that more communication is always better. That only works if you’re in a sane frame of mind when you’re trying to communicate – not frustrated, upset or blaming & judging yourself & the others.

Join the “Enlightened Relationships Workshop” this weekend, insha’Allah.

  • Session 3: Have Courageous Conversations

    “If people could just learn to not fear their own experience, that alone would change the world.”  — Sydney Banks.

    Truthfulness is the highest form of courage, and having the power to be truthful, even when you’re afraid of what the other person will think or say or do, is real transcendence.

Join the “Enlightened Relationships Workshop” this weekend, insha’Allah.

  • Session 4: Always Be Calm In The Storm

    The Inside-Out is the Paradigm of Resilience, or ‘Sabr’. One of the greatest gifts I received was understanding this so that when times got tough for me & my family, I had the ability to deal with it with ease & grace. Alhamdulillah – you’re going to love this session, insha’Allah.

Join the “Enlightened Relationships Workshop” this weekend, insha’Allah.

  • Session 5: Eternal Love

    Love transcends death. Attachment does not. All relationships end, sooner or later. The key is, making the most of them while they last.

    Having the long-view gives us the ability to deal with relationships elegantly, even if we want very different things from the relationship.

Join the “Enlightened Relationships Workshop” this weekend, insha’Allah.

If you want to come but can’t possibly attend live in Central London, get a ticket anyway and you can either LiveStream from home, or watch the recordings as soon as they become available.

But trust me, do everything to be there live – it’s always more impactful when you’re in the room.
Peace, Love & Blessings.


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