Woah, I know Kung Fu…


Assalam Alaikum,

You ever wish you could just *download* any skill or encyclopaedia of information directly into your brain, like Neo does in the Matrix…?

What would you download?

For me, like Neo, it would definitely be Kung Fu to start with… then the whole Quran… then Slash level guitar playing skills, just because.

Oh… and I would definitely do a few languages to a perfectly fluent level.   While that’s not quite possible just yet without thousands of hours of practise…

…What I have made possible is to take a whole year’s worth of 1-to-1 personal coaching with me & condense everything you learn down into one powerful, life-changing 3-day live event. It’s called…

The Paradigm Shift.  

Right now tickets are available at over Half Off the regular rate, but the early bird discount expires soon.

See you at the live event insha’Allah. (Don’t forget to bring your Neo shades.)

Peace, Love & Blessings.


P.S. There’s a big discount on the event if you book today, and you’ll get a free copy of “Inside the Soul of Islam”, signed by me, before anyone else in the world gets a copy. You’re welcome 🙂

Click here to book your place at “The Paradigm Shift” – October 27th – 29th.



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