Why Trump Should Convert To Islam


Assalam Alaikum,

I’m not usually one for preaching, and I firmly believe that when it comes to religion, everyone should follow their own path,  trust their heart, and do whatever makes sense to them.

I also happen to believe that, for me, Islam is the most beautiful spiritual path I’ve ever seen.

I never try to encourage anyone to convert to Islam. If you want my perspective, I’ll share it, but that’s as far as it goes.

However, in one case, I’m making an exception…

I think Donald Trump should convert to Islam.

(Well, hear me out… )

There are so many reasons that one of the world’s most powerful and vocally anti-Muslim politicians should convert, but here are my top few:

  • Islam is a beautiful religion, with an intelligent belief system, amazing devotional practices, and a deeply transformative, in-built spiritual system. (And I think we can all agree, this man needs a transformative spiritual system. )
  •  The Quran is so amazing, most Arabs refuse to believe it could possibly have been written by a human.  Just by reading it sincerely, more love & compassion is inculcated in the heart. (Worth him giving it a try…)
  • This man needs love. And he would receive a total, overwhelming out-pouring of love from the whole Muslim world if he embraced, rather than hated, Islam.
  • His global ratings & social media following would go through the roof .
  • Muslim governments would protect and honour him for his change in heart, because we believe that one’s slate of sins & mistakes is wiped clean when embracing the religion.
  • Turkey has the best barbers in the world. No, seriously. They’re the best.

But, here’s the #1 reason I think he should convert…

My theory is that the reason Trump has so many issues with us, is that at some point, he got his heart broken and was rejected by a Muslim girl.

And if you’re reading this, it’s okay bro, we’ve all been there.

So, Mr T, if you’re not going to convert to try and win her back over, then the least you should do is go through this web-class:

The 5 Secrets Of Successful Relationships – And The Real Reason Muslim Marriages End In Divorce.

It’s available for free this week, and it’s based on ancient, universal wisdom and gems from the Islamic tradition.


Peace, Love & Blessings.


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