Why Most Muslim Couples Divorce…


Assalamu Alaikum,

Maybe you’ve already heard that most marriages end in divorce & that this is true for Muslims now too.

The big question is: WHY?

Why Most Muslim Couples Divorce (…And The 5 Secrets To Successful Relationships) 

If you ask a divorced person, they’ll give you a whole bunch of reasons… but not the *REAL* reason. Because they’re probably not even aware of what the real reason is.

(…I sure as heck wasn’t when I got divorced.)

Before I explain why divorce is so common & how to essentially “Bullet-Proof” your marriage, let me break down a few of the commonly quoted, but false reasons why people think divorces happen…

Here’s a list of FALSE REASONS why people think divorces happen:

  • The in-laws got in the way
  • The ‘other person’ wasn’t Islamic enough
  • We just didn’t get on
  • Men are nasty/ women are nasty
  • They aren’t fulfilling their role as a man/woman
  • They cheated on me
  • We didn’t have all that much in common
  • We just weren’t happy together
  • And about a Billion other rationalizations…

I know all of those reasons sound… well… reasonable. But none of these is the ACTUAL reason why people get divorced.

In fact, there’s only 1 reason why any couple breaks up. And it’s probably not what you think.

If you’d like to know the REAL reason why Muslims get divorced, so you can protect your own marriage…

…and if you’d like to know the secrets to a successful relationship that just gets better & better as time goes on…

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“Why Most Muslim Couples Divorce (…And The 5 Secrets To Successful Relationships)”

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Peace, Love & Blessings.


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