What Makes A Coach ‘Great’


Assalam Alaikum,

Pop Quiz:

What makes a transformational coach really, really good at their job?

Do you think it’s:

• How long they’ve been doing their job?

• That they have the results you want to get?

• Their skill level at asking the right questions?

• How motivational they are?

• How much you like them?

• All of the above?

The correct answer is…

None of the above.

All of that stuff is great if you’re interested in superficial “do what I did and you’ll get what I got” kind of coaching. But we don’t do that around these parts.

I want something much greater for you.

I want for you to have insights that come from deep within your own soul, that cause truck-loads of unnecessary, insecure, egoistic thinking to drop away so you effortlessly return to being your highest, best self.

When that happens, attracting your goals & transcending your problems happens almost effortlessly.

So, what makes a coach really great at making that happen?

Their depth of understanding the Inside-Out Paradigm.

And if you want to explore the Paradigm with the 2 people who founded it, and probably understand it better than anyone else alive in the world today (myself included), then:

Join The Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion.

The Early Bird for this life-changing event in Central London ends very soon, so sign up now.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

P.S. Keith Blevens & Valda are, in my estimation, among the best coaches in the world today, and certainly the only ones I would host myself & recommend this highly.

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