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Assalam Alaikum,

This is one of the most common questions I get from students when I explain to them that feelings come from thought in the moment.

Shaytan – the rejected Satan, from whom we seek refuge in Allah – does indeed play a role in our spiritual lives, but that’s not the point of the Inside-Out Paradigm.

In fact, because they’ve heard audience members ask me this so many times, it’s become a running joke with my friends whenever I talk about work:

“Yeah, but what about Shaytan, Mamoon? What about Shaytan?”

So, yesterday, I created a video answering this question, along with a few other favourites that come up for people when they watch The Paradigm Shift Webclass, in the hope that this will clear things up for everyone.

Enjoy the video (Note: it was filmed via online video conferencing, so please excuse the occasional audio glitch.)

Peace, Love & Blessings.


PS. If you’re ready to transform your life, you can get The Paradigm Shift home-study course right now along with a personal 1-to-1 Breakthrough session with me here: 

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I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in Californ-I-A delivering trainings for a bunch of lovely coaches, consultants, trainers, and for a local mosque.

And I Loved It!

But, as much as I loved all that, the highlight of my trip was undoubtedly… When I received the email.

Such a simple thing, an email. They come in every day, but you don’t know which one will change your life forever.

This particular email contained a contract.

And the contract had my name on it.

And it happened to be from the world’s biggest personal development book publisher, Hay House.

You can watch me spin around on a hover-board & give you the full low-down on the amazing news here:

(Just remember to say “Mashallah”… And try not to get too dizzy 😉

Peace, Love & Blessings.
Ridiculously Happy Author :O)

P.S. If you want to know what I’m going to teach in the book, hop on a hover-board yourself and zip over here:

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The Religion Of Love In Times Of Terror

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Listen to the podcast below: To download this as an MP3, click here. To subscribe to the podcast, click here.

I posted this a few months ago on Facebook, and yet in light of recent events, as our deepest sympathies, prayers & thoughts go to the latest victims of terror, it seems worth repeating.

Why We Should Call Them Anti-Islamic Terrorists… 
I posted this a few months ago, and yet in the shock of recent, tragic events, a lot of people seem to have already forgotten. People ask me how come I keep insisting on NOT calling these people ‘Islamic’? Am I just in denial? Surely, there are some verses of the Quran or something in Islam that justifies their actions?
Actually, no.
They’re not mis-interpreting the Quran. They’re wilfully disobeying it.
Here are a few teachings that every Muslim KNOWS, every terrorist IGNORES & every Westerner is UNAWARE of…
(Read this carefully because, unfortunately, you’ll never see this on the news…)
What The Quran Actually Says…
First & foremost, the murder of any innocent life is (obviously!) forbidden. In the story of Cane & Abel, the Quran says…
“Whoever kills an innocent soul it is as if they killed all of humanity; whoever saves one, it is as if they saved all of humanity”
Religious pluralism is built into the text of the Quran. It says, for example…
“Say: Dear disbelievers… to you your religion and to me, mine”;
“There is no compulsion in religion”;
“Do not insult those they worship besides Allah, or else they will insult Allah in retaliation and without knowledge.”
“As for the Christians, the Jews, the Magians and all those who believe in God & the Last Day, there is no fear on them, nor shall they grieve”
And when others don’t share your pluralistic attitude, the Quran tells the believers…
“And the servants of the Most Loving are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, “Peace!”
“When the ignorant insult you, say “Peace”, and turn away in a beautiful manner”
What The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said…
Then, of course there are countless sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings upon him), that directly contradict everything these people stand for…
“Wish for your neighbour what you wish for yourself”
“Wish for your brother what you wish for yourself”
“The Muslim is the one from whom other Muslims are safe, from both their hands and their tongue”
“Love those on Earth & those in Heaven will love you”
“The best of you are those who bring the most benefit to others”
“Be gentle, for whenever gentleness is a part of something, it becomes more beautiful”
“The best of you are those who are best to their wives”
“Whoever hits a woman is cruel; whoever is kind to a woman is noble”
“It is compulsory for all Muslim men & women to seek knowledge”
“Whoever takes the path of knowledge, Allah eases their path to Paradise”
“Allah does not look at your image or your appearance, but rather into your hearts and at your actions”
“One who sleeps while their neighbour is hungry is not one of us.”
“Assist any person who is oppressed, whether he is a Muslim or not.”
“Good neighbourliness and good character are the basis of civility and enhance civilization.”
“I swear by Allah he does not believe! (repeated 3x). The one whose neighbour is not safe from his mischief.”
“Jibril (Archangel Gabriel) used to continue to advise me to good to my neighbour until I thought he would have me make him my heir”. 
These are just a few off the top of my head. Islam is a religion of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice, Compassion & Wisdom. In fact, there is no Islam without these essential values. The word “Islam” itself describes the sublime state of spiritual peace that comes with accepting what ‘is’ (the will of Allah).
What The Prophet Muhammad Did… 
The Prophet Muhammad was not famous for his words as much as for his actions & his character – peace & blessings be upon him. There are too many stories from his life to recount here, but I highly recommend reading his life story. I recently came across an excellent little book called “The Messenger”, by Tariq Ramadan. You might also enjoy “The Messenger” by Christian scholar Karen Armstrong. 
You can’t read about the Prophet’s life without loving him.
Ever wonder why 1.5 Billion people believe in this religion…? Because it’s awesome. It always has been & always will be.
So, no, I’m not in denial when I say terrorists are Anti-Muslim and Anti-Islam.
The rest of the world is in denial when they claim that terrorists are ‘Islamic’.
Share this post & the podcast if you agree.
Peace, Love & Blessings.
Mamoon Yusaf
P.S. Check out the “Quran For Busy People” Podcast and feel free to ask me anything you want. I can only share the truth as I see it :O)
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A few years ago one of my coaches and dear friends, the brilliant author, Jamie Smart delivered a 2-day  workshop called “If The Secret’s So Great, Where’s  My Ferrari?”

If you’ve never come across ‘The Secret’, it was a popular book & movie about the importance of what was claimed to be the most powerful “Law” of personal development & psychology:

“The Law of Attraction” – that like attracts like, so by focusing your thoughts on what you want, you can attract it, and thereby create the life you want.

And yet…

…Still no Ferrari.

What gives?

While I have a strong preference for focusing on what you want over what you don’t want, and a zero-tolerance policy on my loved ones (that includes you!) putting themselves down with their own thoughts, the reality is that “The Law of Attraction” has kind of a HUGE flaw…

It’s not a law.

At least, not in the truest sense of the term ‘law’. It’s not going to hold up in reliability when compared with the Law of Gravity, for example.

Too bad.

However, there is a ‘secret’ that’s much more powerful and does WAY more for you than ‘The Secret’ in the movie ever could.

And this ‘Secret’ actually is a law.

The Real Secret is completely unbreakable.

It’s a God-given gift that most of humanity are totally unaware of that lets you effortlessly create your most awesome life.

In fact…

Every single area of your life that’s screwed up right now has ended up that way, because you’ve been in denial of this Law.

And every single area of your life that’s going perfectly well right now is that way because you’re (unknowingly) in alignment with this Law.

Want to know what the only Absolutely Unbreakable Law of personal development & human psychology actually is…?

Well, I’m going to keep you in suspense until you join us over here:

Hey, it is a ‘secret’ after all 😉

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My Prayer

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My Lord, you are Peace. From you comes all Peace. Thank you for filling my heart with the peace of your awareness.

My Lord, you are the all-Loving. Every time my heart beats, it stops and asks Your permission to beat again. Let it beat to the rhythm of your Love.

My Lord, you are the all-Seeing. You see straight through me. As you look into my heart, overlook my weaknesses, amplify my sincerity, and let Your Light shine through me.

My Lord, you are Reality. You are the Truth. Let me accept you just as you are, and never be in denial of you, as You accept me just as I am.

My Lord, you are the all-Wise. All wisdom comes from you. Thank you for blessing me with a total abundance of wisdom and guidance.

My Lord, your guidance is so simple. Yet in my confusion, I sometimes find the most simple path to be the most difficult to follow. Inspire me with the clarity of purpose that makes staying firm on your path easy.

My Lord, you are Beautiful. You love beauty. So beautify me, from the inside, out.

My Lord, you are the all-Knowing. You are my Teacher, my Shaykh, my Guru, my Guide. All I know is what you have taught me. All I really want to know, is You. So teach me and increase my knowledge.

My Lord, you are the Eternal. Everything else is temporary. Attach my heart, my mind and my attention only to You, and free me from attachment to your creation.

My Lord, you are the Self-Sufficient, the Provider. All provision and wealth comes from you. Thank you for providing for me abundantly. You are sufficient for me.

My Lord, your words are my inspiration. My mind and body are your tools. Use me to bless your creation.

My Lord, you are the Creator. Everything else is your creation. You have blessed me with the power to be creative. As a mother knows her child came through her, but didn’t come from her, so I know that my creation comes through me, not from me. Use me to bless the world with your creation.

My Lord, You are worthy of All Praise. And I thank you. If all of humanity were to do nothing but thank You and praise You, it wouldn’t be sufficient for the magnitude of your blessings upon me, and it wouldn’t increase You in anything. If all of humanity were to reject you, forget you, and deny you, it wouldn’t reduce you in anything. You do not need me, but I need you. I can never repay you, but with all my heart, I thank you.

My Lord, you are the Most Kind, the all-Healing, the Light. You have shown me nothing but kindness, and yet I have hurt your beloved creation. Heal their hurts, forgive me, protect them from my darkness, and heal us with Your Light.

My Lord, you are the most Kind. People have hurt me and wronged me. Forgive them, and bless them with all the blessings I wish for myself.

My Lord, you are the all-Powerful, the Almighty. If all your creation wanted to harm me, they could only do so with the amount of harm that you have already chosen to test me with. If all your creation wanted to bless me, they could only do so with the blessings you have already chosen to test me with. There is no might or power except you. I put all my trust in you, that you will take care of me.

My Lord, you are the all-Powerful, the Almighty. There is no might or power, except you. So, empower me with your might and spiritual strength.

My Lord, you are Always Present. I often forget Your Presence, and yet you never forget me. So, above all, right now in this moment, I thank you. Because in this moment, I am with you. And in this moment, you are with me. Thank You.

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