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I’ve been doing a few interviews recently in the personal growth industry about whether Islam is truly a religion of Peace. (I’ll send you the interviews when they’re released.)

One of the things that always strikes the interviewer, is when I say that I am a True Muslim Jihadi.

Because the fact is, jihad is a universal human value that everyone would believe in, if they knew what it truly is.

The problem is, terrorists and media pundits have hijacked this word for their own purposes, BUT…

I’m not letting them have it.

This is our religion, not theirs. We’re the true followers of the Prophet, peace & blessings be upon him, not them.

Physical Jihad is never killing innocent people. It is to always protect innocent lives, even with your own life, if necessary.

For some people, this physical jihad is an every day reality. If you’re in Syria right now, there is plenty of opportunity to save people’s lives… or die trying.

For everyone reading this however, there is something superior and more immediately relevant than the physical jihad.

We call it ‘jihad an-nafs’: the jihad against the ego; the Spiritual Jihad.

There are 3 specific ways in which this Spiritual Jihad against the ego is greater than the physical jihad against any enemy, regardless of how evil or crazy that enemy may be.

To discover why the Spiritual Jihad is superior to the physical jihad, AND get the deep, spiritual understanding that gives us a chance to actually win the internal spiritual struggle…

Put down your sword and armor and get yourself over to The Paradigm Shift:  ;O)

Peace, Love & Blessings.


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