The Tajweed Trap…


Assalam Alaikum,

Let me preface this article with a dis-claimer:

“Yes, tajweed (correct Quran recitation) is an important skill; Yes, tajweed is an essential part of your journey through the Quran; And No, you absolutely should not stop your tajweed classes…”

Clear? Good. Now that’s out of the way, let me let you in on a little-know ‘trap’ many of us get caught in when it comes to studying the Quran, and especially tajweed…


This may sound familiar to you…

You want to understand what the Quran says so you can connect with Allah, and transform your life with the Quran, so….

You do the logical thing: try taking Arabic classes only to realize that you need to be able to read the Arabic script.

When you go to your mosque, Islamic center or Arabic course, the teacher tells you that the Quran is the highest level of Arabic, and in fact just by slightly mispronouncing a word or a letter, you can completely change the meaning of a verse (scary, but true!)

So, you follow their advice and decide to “learn tajweed correctly”, and start taking some tajweed classes.

That was 5 years ago.

And you’re still in the tajweed class.

And you still don’t understand a word of what you’re reciting…

And worst of all…

…the belief that Quranic Arabic takes a life-time to learn is getting stronger and stronger, whilst your resolve to do it is getting weaker and weaker.

Has this ever happened to you? Is this why you still don’t understand the Quran in Arabic, even though you decided to years ago? And do you see what just happened there?

Originally the goal was to understand the Quran, but because you got ‘distracted’ with the beauty of tajweed (an Islamic science which you could spend your whole life studying, like all Islamic sciences), you left your original goal.

The truth is, the original advice was correct, and incorrect at the same time.

My advice?

Go here to get access to the Quran For Busy People Masterclass coming up this Wednesday at 7pm UK time insha’Allah and I’ll show you:

How to reach the Tajweed Goal and avoid the TRAP

Plus, you’ll learn how to set & achieve all of your personal Quran goals in 2018.

May this year be the one where you build such a strong relationship with the Quran that it becomes your personal coach, and your source of transformation, insha’Allah. Ameen.

Peace, Love & Blessings.


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