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Assalam Alaikum,

One of the best books currently available on productivity is by a fellow Hay House author, Leo Babauta, called “The Power of Less”.

It’s one of the few personal development books I continually refer back to, because of its simplicity and brilliance.

Although Leo isn’t from a Muslim background, his entire book seems to speak to this Prophetic saying:

“Take action properly, sincerely and moderately, and know that your actions will not make you enter Paradise. The most beloved action to Allah is the most regular and constant, even if it is small.”

— The Prophet Muhammad, peace & blessings upon him.

Here are the key ideas in the book that I expand upon in the Productive From Dawn program:

  • Focus on only 1 goal at a time, or just one habit change at a time. Any more will overwhelm you & over the course of a year, you can make a lot of major changes in your life this way, one month at a time.
  • List all the projects you’re currently working on. Now pick the top 3 you want to work on first. Do not work on any other project until all 3 of these are completely done.
  • Start your day with a morning routine. (In Productive From Dawn, I outline my own Prophetically-inspired one…)
  • Start your work-day by listing out your top 3 most important tasks (MIT’s), before looking at email or anything else. Try and blast through them as early in the day as you can.
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode while you’re working & turn off all notifications. They distract you & leave ‘attention residue’, long after you continue working on the original task.
  • Focus all your energy, intention & attention on one task at a time. This gets you present, and in the Zone.
  • Benefit from prayers, by using them to re-focus, practice presence and re-connect with your purpose: why are doing your daily tasks? How are they serving creation & the Creator?

If you want to implement these ideas in your daily life, you need to listen to the Productive From Dawn program. It’s included as part of The Ocean.

The Ocean: All Access Pass.  

Peace, Love & Blessings.


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