The Paradigm Shift – Day 4



Here’s Day 4 of your Ramadan Transformation video series:

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In today’s session you’ll discover:

  • What a ‘Paradigm’ is & the significance of it for your psychological wellbeing.
  • How this inner mind-set shift creates huge changes in people’s lives.
  • Why this could be the biggest breakthrough for humanity, since the discovery of the spherical globe…

Enjoy the video!

Ramadan Kareem!

Peace, Love & Blessings.


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This is so empowering and hope-inspiring.
Jazaak Allahu kheiran for spreading this message, Mamoon!


I just found your site and loving what you’re teaching so far. I get that we can’t control thoughts… but if we’re feeling sad because we’re experiencing sad thoughts, then we should change our thoughts to positive thinking, right? But you said positive thinking is like putting on perfume when you smell bad. Don’t quite understand this….


Hi June,

If you can change your bad thoughts for good ones,
my guess is you’ll probably do this automatically
without any instruction from me!

The challenge is that often we can’t & because we
think we should be able to, we beat ourselves up
even more.

The truth is, the objective isn’t to ‘get rid of’ bad
feelings and replace them with good ones. Rather,
the objective is to free ourselves from ego, whether
we happen to be feeling good or bad.

We can feel sad & deeply connected with Source
& there is nothing wrong with this. We could feel
happy but in an egotistical arrogant or boastful way –
there is something very wrong with this! The simple
criteria that lets us be free from ego so we can embrace
all our feelings, is to know where our feelings are
coming from.

Our problem is not that feeling comes from Thought.
Our problem is that we pretend feelings might be
coming from somewhere else. This is the illusion
I’m here to help you see through.

Peace, Love & Blessings.
Mamoon :O)

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