The Greatest Discovery Since Fire…?


Assalam Alaikum,

William James, the father of modern day psychology once wrote a book called “The Principles of Psychology”.

In it, he basically said that there aren’t any: we haven’t discovered them yet.

At the time of writing, almost a century ago, he humbly acknowledged that we do not know what the underlying principles of psychology are.

But, he claimed, when they are discovered, it would likely be: “the greatest discovery for mankind since fire”.

The Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion Event.

It makes sense – if you know what is objectively true about psychology (and spirituality), you can eliminate all the myths & old wives tales & replace them with the light of divine truth.

Among the things he predicted about these principles, he mentioned:

  • That they would, inevitably, be discovered.
  • That they would be simple, such that any lay person could understand them.
  • That until they are discovered, psychology would continue to be pre-paradigm and have no real solid basis upon which to build itself.

I believe, through some divine grace, these principles are now clear:

The Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion Event.

 They are simple enough to understand. They absolutely point us in the direction of tawhid. And they allow us to drop needless, harmful thinking.

 They are the basis of the Inside-Out Paradigm, which all of my work is based on.

I will not try to explain them in an email. (Please do not reply, asking me what they are.)

If you are genuinely interested, I highly recommend you drop everything and come to our live event where you can learn from the founders of the Inside-Out Paradigm.

 The benefits to you of attending this program are too great to begin to describe:

The Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion Event.  

Peace, Love & Blessings.

P.S. 4 of my colleagues have become best-selling authors, just by putting into words what they learned from spending a couple of days with my mentors, Keith & Valda, at an event like this.

With your prayers, I hope to be the 5th to do so, insha’Allah.

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