The Early Bird Catches The Shift…



Our annual event is happening in a few short weeks & the Early Bird Pricing is ending today:

Here’s the scoop…

After you experience The Paradigm Shift, you will…

  • Never need to worry about money again & effortlessly manage your finances without stress or guilt.
  • Know that you are deeply loved –  and effortlessly attract the kind of dream relationships that really support you.
  • Feel great about your body and permanently end emotional eating and self-sabotage.

Plus, you’ll love these distinctions:

  • The Stress Solution – discover the true source of stress & how to transcend it.
  • Instant Confidence – how to be totally secure and confident in every area of your life & enjoy all the rewards that brings.
  • More Presence – discover 3 ways to instantly be present & the deep understanding that keeps you in that space more & more of the time.
  • And so, so much more…

I know this might all sound ‘hypey’, but the truth is that when you ‘get’ the Inside-Out Paradigm, you’ll realise that all of these things are natural outcomes of it & I’m actually understating how amazing your life becomes when you experience this  huge internal shift.

Spaces at The Paradigm Shift are running out fast. I’m totally blown away and humbled by how rapidly tickets are going.

We actually completely booked out our original venue which had 50 spaces & we’ve upgraded to a venue with 90 spaces, but even that is getting sold out very fast (…but we definitely won’t be able to change venues again).

The Early Bird ends today & we’ll definitely be sold out within the next few days (maybe even today?).

If you know you want to come, I’d recommend you sort it out now or you’ll need to wait another year. Here’s where you can get your ticket:

Hope to meet you there!

Peace, Love & Blessings.

Mamoon :O)

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