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The Book Of Wisdom: Seven Spiritual Insights For Self-Mastery

I am unsure where to begin. So, I begin in the name of the Most Loving, who has blessed us with a total abundance of wisdom, and left it up to us to open our minds, and soften our hearts enough to access it.

I have wanted, for many years, to write this. I believe what follows may be a doorway for you to access the Healing Light of the divine. However, in order to get to the point where I could write this, I have had to experience the pain of heart-break, mental poverty, neediness, unfulfilled desires, envy, and anger, to name but a few of the afflictions with which my heart was diseased.

If there were no challenges, we would not get to access our potential.

The subject of this book, and this website, is self-mastery. This can only be obtained through a systematic, conscious effort towards attaining wisdom. What follows is a summation of my own efforts in this direction.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime of searching to find what was inside of you all along.

Along my own journey, I have encountered many teachers from the West and the East. Through experience I have learned that the only way to access true wisdom is to acknowledge that the best of teachers is usually the one right in front of you. The most effective way to access your teacher’s wisdom is to give them your fullest attention, using all the critical faculties of your intellect. The greatest benefit of wisdom is self-mastery.

You can only change the world to the extent that you can change yourself.

It is my most sincere hope that the experiences and the ‘wisdom’ I share here are of some benefit to you, and help you attain a higher degree of self-mastery. If that does not happen, this effort has been wasted.

How This Book Works

To start with, I will write on this blog whenever I feel inspired as though I am writing directly into the book. If it is meant to be, this writing will ultimately form a published book. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy reading it as it is written right here on this blog. I would love any feedback from you, especially to know if you found anything particularly inspiring or confusing, and unless you tell me otherwise, I may quote some of your feedback to encourage others to read the book too.

As I write more chapters, I will turn it into a pdf which I will email to you if you sign up to the email list. That way, you’ll get access to the entire book in the correct order, not just the first few sections written haphazardly on this blog. By being on the email list, you’ll get some other gifts from me now & then too, perhaps including access to the first physical copy of the book.

If at any point, anything I write benefits you, touches you in some way, makes you feel good, or facilitates your personal growth, all I ask in return is that you share it with those you love.

The Source Of Wisdom

I am somewhat conflicted over whether or not to reveal all the sources that the gems of wisdom I plan to share with you come from. I have decided against this. Part of the problem humanity faces is that we limit our true identity by attaching labels to each other. Then we argue over those labels. And, eventually, we go to war over them. I would rather express myself clearly and honestly, with the purest intention in my heart: to be as loving and truthful as possible as I share the deepest secrets of my heart with you.

If these insights come from a name-less, home-less, unknown drunk, who lives on the street, I hope you are humble enough to accept that there may still be truth in these ramblings, and wise enough to realise that the weaknesses inherent to the messenger should not cloud your judgement of the message.

Whether or not you believe in a ‘Creator’, and whatever names you use for ‘It’, the spiritual insights I share in this book will benefit you if you indulge me by looking past the labels, and into the truth behind them.

Rest assured, I believe the ultimate source of this wisdom is the source of all wisdom – the Most Wise. If the Creator chooses to void this writing of any blessing, it will be fruitless. If the Creator chooses to use me as a tool for divine guidance, it will be done.

Who This Book Is For

I write this for you, and the Spiritual Warrior inside of you. The part of you that is constantly struggling to attain happiness, but knows that it is possible. The part of you that takes action, with no guarantee of results. The part of you that will take the road less travelled, even when those around you discourage it. The part of you that will love, even in the face of rejection. The part of you that seeks the truth, even when it goes against yourself. The part of you that struggles to do the right thing, even when it’s the hardest thing in the world to do. The part of you that is tempted by the easy path, even when you know it leads to self-destruction.

The path of the Spiritual Warrior is the path of wisdom. It is simple, and you will intuitively recognise its truth. However, being simple does not make it easy. And recognising the truth alone does not lead to virtue.





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