The 5 people you meet in Heaven


Assalam Alaikum,

I have a quick, fun, potentially life-changing game for you.

I want you to think of 5 people who are not Muslim, who you really wish could know the true beauty, love and spiritual depth of Islam.

They could be family members who are really good people, but aren’t really into religion.

Or, it could be a friend who kind of believes in God, but isn’t really sure and definitely doesn’t have access to the sound knowledge of Islam that you’ve been blessed with.

Or maybe it’s someone who’s always asking you hard questions or making jokes about Islam because of what they see on TV, but deep down inside, you know they’d LOVE Islam if they had any idea about its deep wisdom and life-changing message.

Come up with those 5 names of non-Muslims you really care about, right now

Got it?

Okay, great.

Now, if you want those 5 people to know the true teachings of Islam, shared in a way that is universally accessible, and deeply spiritual…

Order 6 Copies of Inside the Soul of Islam.

Read one yourself, and gift the other 5 copies to the people in your life that you think would love Islam if they had any idea how awesome it is.

Then, sincerely pray that, through your gift, Allah blesses them with spiritual wisdom, life-changing insight, and divine guidance.

(And if you’re not Muslim yourself… I recommend you do the same! We’re all in this together. The more people understand the truth, beauty and love that lies at the heart of Islam, the more peaceful and beautiful our lives can be together.)

Peace, Love & Blessings.




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