Taqwa Tuesday #1 The Cure For All Psycho-Spiritual Diseases Of The Heart And Mind



Watch the video above, recorded from our live “Taqwa Tuesday” hangout on Tuesday 1st October 2013.

In the video, you’ll discover…

  • the #1 secret to completely transforming the quality of your life (after many years of searching, studying and struggling, I finally found that THIS is the key that connects modern psychology with ancient spirituality)
  • why most people fail in their pursuit of happiness – and the only area to focus on if you want to taste the sweetness and freedom of true inner-happiness
  • common examples of ‘spiritual diseases’ and ‘mental discomforts’ that may be affecting people you know, and its * real * cause & cure.
  • and much, much more…

For details on our next LIVE Taqwa Tuesday hangout, click here.

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