Stranger Things Have Happened…



Have you ever seen the TV show “Stranger Things”…? It’s on Netflix. And it’s brilliant.

It’s like ‘The Goonies’ meets ‘ET’ meets a scary Stephen King movie.

(Don’t worry – no spoilers here!)

It’s about a small town where young people mysteriously disappear. And an even more mysterious and amazing young lady appears, with seemingly miraculous powers.

Her name is ‘Eleven’, and here’s why I mention it…

By the time you’re done with The Paradigm Shift, you’ll be like ‘Eleven’ in all these ways:

  • You’ll know things about reality that all those around you just don’t get.
  • You’ll tap into your highest, best self, so that to the outside world, it may look like you’ve got new, ‘miraculous’ powers of your own.
  • When you go back home, people might notice that there’s something different about you – but they won’t quite know what it is.
  • When everyone else freaks out over things, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber.
  • You’ll be the only one who knows how to defeat the ‘monsters’ everyone else is so afraid of.


If this all seems extremely cool and perhaps a little mysterious to you, then you need to do 2 things:

  1. Watch ‘Stranger Things’.
  2. Sign up to The Paradigm Shift:

You’re welcome :O)


Peace, Love & Blessings.



P.S. Over half the tickets to The Paradigm Shift are already gone and this is definitely going to be a sold-out event.

The venue capacity is limited & I probably won’t do another event like this for at least another year. Snap up your tickets now:

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