Sprog Bashing Day.


Assalam Alaikum,

I went to an all-boys English public school where they had this weird un-written rule:

Friday the 13th is Sprog Bashing Day.

A ‘sprog’ is a new 1st year student at the school. This day was basically a free-ticket for the older boys to beat you up (if you weren’t smart enough to keep your head down… or fast enough to run).

I don’t know if this was directly inspired by the myth that Friday 13th is an ‘unlucky’ day, or from the old horror movies where Michael Myers would go around killing people on this day…

(… But I do recall that the best part of Sprog-Bashing Day was that when I managed to get home in one piece from school, I always made a point to watch do a Horror Movie Marathon).

So… What does any of this have to do with you… or The Paradigm Shift…?

Although I’m not going to bring this awful tradition back to life, you should be aware that today, Friday the 13th at midnight, is the last possible moment to get the awesome Early Bird Pricing at our amazing Live-event, The Paradigm Shift.

After you experience The Paradigm Shift, you will…

  • Never need to worry about money again & effortlessly manage your finances without stress or guilt.
  • Know that you are deeply loved – and effortlessly attract the kind of dream relationships that really support you.
  • Feel great about your body and permanently end emotional eating and self-sabotage.

    Plus, you’ll love these distinctions:

  • The Stress Solution – discover the true source of stress & how to transcend it.
  • Instant Confidence – how to be totally secure and confident in every area of your life & enjoy all the rewards that brings.
  • More Presence – discover 3 ways to instantly be present & the deep understanding that keeps you in that space more & more of the time.
  • And so, so much more…

The event is very close to selling out, but we do have a few spaces still open because some students have told us they want to live-stream (which is a good option, if you can’t make it in to London).

So, if you do want to come to the event, then before midnight tonight, drag yourself away from the Horror Movie Marathon, take off your hockey mask, put down that massive knife… and walk in a calm, but disturbingly fast pace over to this link to book your ticket:

The Paradigm Shift 2017 General Admission

See you at the event insha’Allah!

New students are welcome & will not get ‘bashed’.

Peace, Love & Blessings.


P.S. If you purchased an insight-product from me in the last 12 months, like Effortless Transformation or Enlightened Relationships, click reply to this email & let us know – you may be entitled to a free ticket to the event.

If you want to get your hands on both Enlightened Relationships & Effortless Transformation for FREE (they’re usually £297 each!), then click here to book your ticket before midnight, and you’ll get instant online access to both of them.



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