If you’d like to invite me to be a speaker at your organisation, here is how it can work:

Firstly, the main area I like to focus speaking engagements on is deep personal transformation. It’s what I do best, and audiences tend to love it. I often invite a volunteer from the audience up to the stage half way through to demonstrate important principles that will change the volunteer’s life… and make for very entertaining watching!

One of the most popular presentation topics I offer is:

“What if all the Spiritual Diseases of the Heart & Discomforts of the Mind have One Simple Cure…?”

During this presentation I present the most powerful aspect of my work – the foundation upon which I write, blog and the key that causes my coaching work to be so deeply transformational. It is based around the “Spiritual Truth” and “Law of the Mind” that will likely transform the future of the coaching & personal development industry.

This talk covers the most important aspects of my entire 7 module program “Instant Ihsan: The Step By Step Program To Master Your Ego”.

Another topic that audiences tend to love  is:

“Dealing With Toxic People: How To Identify And Neutralise the 5 Destructive Personality Types And Finally Free Yourself From The Poisonous Grip Of Family & Friends That Drag You Down…”

This presentation goes in-depth into 5 distinct archetypes that people can quickly identify with, and let go of. It covers everything from dealing with ‘control-freaks’ to ‘living martyrs’ and ultimately lays out a spiritual path to dealing with the everyday reality of relationships. This program covers the most important aspects of a comprehensive weekend training called “Enlightened Relationships: How To Transcend The Family Problems That Ruin Other People’s Lives”

These presentations tend to last around 75-90 minutes, including Q & A time. But be warned, most of the time, the audience wants it to go on much longer! Over time I will likely develop other topics to speak on, and I already have a few lined up. But, selecting from these two is usually a good bet if you want to impress your organisation with a spiritual perspective on every day personal, family & work problems.

If you have another topic you’d like me to present on, please check with me first. I might be able to frame my message around your topic. However, the ideal case scenario for me is that we use one of the topics listed above.

How To Book Me As A Speaker

Because of the excitement and passion I have around my current line of work – and the joy it brings me to see audiences respond to the ideas I share – I am currently available to speak without charge. It’s my mission to get this out to as many people around the world as possible. I’m happy to travel anywhere in the world to speak on the topics listed above.

The only critical factor for the organisers is that I live in Barcelona, Spain, and expect the organisation I speak for to cover transport & accommodation fees – and preferably book them for me. I don’t require 1st class transport, but you should know I never fly with RyanAir on principle! Other low-cost airlines are fine. If your event is based in Manchester, UK, I probably won’t need hotel accommodation.

I normally require 2-4 weeks advanced notice, so I can schedule my clients and other commitments around the travel. If you’d like me to be a last-minute ‘back-up’ speaker, don’t be afraid to ask! If I’m free, I’m game.

If the presentation is recorded, I request to receive a copy I can edit and share online.

If you need a “bio” to give to your organisation or to use at the beginning of the presentation, you’ll find one here. It can be adapted to reflect the aspects of my experience most relevant to your organisation.

To connect with me to see if I’m free on the dates you want, email: mamoonyusaf@gmail.com