Slow Down & Love Yourself More…





Take a 30 second break from whatever you’re doing, and read this email properly.  

It only takes one conscious breath to intentionally connect with Allah (swt).  

It only takes one ‘Alhamdulillah’ (All Thanks to Allah), to be overwhelmed with gratitude for life.  

 It only takes one moment to notice how blessed you are & to feel love for the person Allah has placed before you.  

And yet, most of the time we’re so busy rushing around (in our heads), thinking about our goals & projects & to-do’s & how to respond to that complex email… that we miss out on the best part of life.  

The irony is that when we slow down to the pace of life – when we realize how connected we are with Allah, right now, in this moment, in the midst of our busy work day… 

…Our actions are infused with a spiritual energy that speeds up our results.  

But only always.  

If you want to be more spiritually present more of the time, it only takes one click to get my latest free webinar training called: “How To Master Your Nafs“. 

You can access it here: www.mamoonyusaf.com/lp/ii

You’ll discover how to slow down your rushed, insecure thinking and live from your highest self. 


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