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Assalam Alaikum,

On Friday, I wanted to get the train from London to Manchester, to visit family for the weekend… and, perhaps more importantly, keep up the important tradition of watching the new Star Wars movie with my brother.

The last reasonably-priced ‘off-peak’ train was at 3pm. If I missed that one, I’d have to wait until 7:40pm and risk missing the movie. (Not an option). To get from my flat in London to Euston station, the quickest way (and maybe the only way to make it on time), was to get an Uber.

However, when I got in the Uber, I made the mistake of telling the driver that I was in a rush to make my train.

So, bless his heart… he tried going faster.

Instead of just using the standard Uber route, which would have got us in on time, he decided to get stressed & inventive…

…He started weaving in and out of side sreets, landing us in more and more traffic, and extending the route more and more with each de-tour. He kept apologising with each extra de-tour that didn’t work. He blamed the traffic. He would try changing lanes, and as soon as he did… you guessed it… the previous lane started going faster.

He was more stressed than I was to get me in on time!

Now, aside from the fact that his intention was good, there was something so obvious to me that he couldn’t see:

Slow down and relax, and you’ll get there faster.

That’s exactly how it is with personal transformation, too.

What some ‘eager’ students do is:

Watch my online trainings & live seminars, desperately trying to rush ahead, figure out everything I’m saying and immediately apply it to their personal problem, and then they get super-confused… and their journey takes longer

This approach almost always fails.

What actually works:

Slow down. Soak in all the training. Relax as you watch it all, the same way you would listen to a beautiful song, or watch your favourite show on Netflix.

The aim of everything I teach is to point you within and quiet your mind, so you have a new realisation, or insight, that comes from deep within your own soul.

By doing so, you find the wisdom that’s always been within.

You can’t rush that, and when you slow down, you actually get there quicker…

…Unlike the Uber driver who almost made me miss the train.

If you want access to an Ocean of life-enhancing wisdom, jump into your Toyota Prius and rush over here :

The Ocean: All Access Pass – Early Notification.

Peace, Love & Blessings.




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