Shifts Happen.


Assalam Alaikum,

Shifts really do happen for people in my coaching programs.

Check out what my (amazing, inspiring!) clients are saying.

From Monica:

“Everything Has Changed…! Now I Have A Daily Relationship With The Quran, I Pray Tahajjud, Emotional Eating Is Gone, My Relationships Are Better – And I’m Making Money Doing What I Love In My Business…”


From Robina, who transformed her marriage:

“My view has completely changed of the world. I just see the people around me from a different place. I just look at my husband in a completely different way.

Any negative feelings I had about my husband have completely disappeared.

Instead of wanting to change my husband’s behaviour, I am so focused on myself and realized all the feelings I thought were to do with my husband were in fact coming from me.

I feel so relaxed around my husband now.

I feel by understanding myself deeply I understand him more and amazingly keep calm when he is having a frustration or fear about something or another.

I know that he is living innocently in the illusion of his thinking, no matter what is happening or how real it looks.”
From Salma:

“I was really stressed & preoccupied all the time… jumping between the past & the future. I thought I had to make everyone happy, but in doing that I wasn’t happy myself.

I was having problems with my husband & I was extremely sleep-deprived.

The easiest thing is for someone to just ‘tell you what to do’ – that’s what friends & family do.

The good thing about Mamoon is that he just helps you see things clearly. And the affects are amazing.

My relationships have improved, my mind is quite & calm and I’m a lot more present. I can sleep better, even though I’d been struggling with it for years. I keep all my prayers now as well. This has all just happened from working with Mamoon.

I’m like 100x times better.”
It’s really hard for me to read some of this stuff without getting teary-eyed myself to think about the huge impact the Paradigm Shift has had on all of us.

If you’d like these kinds of shifts to happen to you, it’s now possible to work with me for a fraction of my usual fees.

Email support@mamoonyusaf.com and I’ll send you all the details about my new coaching program: The Shift.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

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