Here are a few products that I’ve released that are currently available:

Effortless Transformation: “The 7 Secrets, Lies & Myths of Personal Development that have been Blocking Your Transformation”

Instant Ihsan: The Simple Way To Master Your Ego

Time For Quran: How To Achieve All Your Quran Goals Quickly & Easily, No Matter How Busy You Are

Meet Him & Marry Him: Where To Find Your “Mr. Right” – to be released shortly

Here are a list of my websites and blogs: – a comprehensive blog on how to achieve you Quran goals and experience real spiritual growth – a free training series on how to learn Quranic Arabic in the shortest space of time possible – a free webinar training on how to eliminate the ego, so you experience lasting fulfilment, regardless of your circumstances – a free webinar training for Muslim women who are ready to find their ideal man.