People Really Pay You For That?!



It always impresses people when I tell them I’m a ‘Transformational Coach’ – but not always in a good way…

At first they look skeptical, but when they realize I’m not joking, they become really curious.

I get random questions like:

  • Do people really pay you for that?
  • Do you meet your clients live, in-person or just over Skype?
  • Is it all online? Where do you get your clients?
  • When they call you the ‘Quran Coach’, what does that mean, are you teaching tajweed?
  • Do you ever wish you could go back to Medicine?

(The answers to those questions are: yes, both, everywhere, no, and HELL NO!)

 I think what people are really asking is:

“Could I follow my dream and get people to pay me for what I really love to do? Surely that would never work… would it?!”

And the answer is, yes it could work, it will be very hard to start with, but the pay-off is totally worth it… And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here’s how people have made it happen:


My friend & colleague Michelle Humphries recently interviewed me about my business, my humble (broke!) beginnings & how I became so successful in the Coaching Industry.

I get this quite a lot these days because many people struggle a LOT when they try starting a new business, especially a business based around personal development… And I guess everyone likes a ‘success story’.

 You can watch the recording when you sign up here:


You’ll also get access to her interviewing other ‘big-wigs’ in the coaching & the business world too, including:

  • Christian Mickelsen (Leading Authority of the coaching industry)
  • Tiamo Devettori (Transformational Speaker & Singer/ Song-Writer)
  • Brian Smith (Creator of the World Famous UGG Boots)
  • Loral Langemeier (American Money Expert featured in Media)
  • David Meltzer (CEO of the company the “Jerry Maguire” movie was based on)
  • Sherry Watson (America’s #1 Non Profit Expert)
  • Michelle Patterson (CEO Women Network -Creating Global Change)

If you’re into business strategy, or more importantly, how people followed their dreams and actually made it, you’ll LOVE this interview series:http://www.mcssl.com/app/?af=1652398


Peace, Love & Blessings.


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