Assalam Alaikum,

Is it wrong to want more money, clients & financial success? Is that being ‘too materialistic’?

At the surface, that seems to be the case. But when we dig deeper into spiritual tradition, we discover much more wisdom than turning away from wealth.

The Prophet, peace & blessings be upon him said:

“When love of the material world enters your heart, love of Allah leaves your heart.

When love of Allah enters your heart, love of the material world leaves your heart.”

From an Inside-Out point of view, because we know that feelings can only come from thought in the moment, it’s actually impossible for wealth, or money, or clients to cause feelings.

So, if you want inner-peace, security, or happiness, then desperately seeking more money & clients is not going to help. Believing in the illusion that these things can cause happiness detaches you from Allah and from Reality.

Plus, with this misunderstanding, even if you get a lot of material wealth, you’ll be just as stressed about losing it, as you were about trying to gain it.

But, when you know that inner-peace & happiness can only come from within – from thought in the moment – then you’re aligned with the truth.

Allah – the ultimate source of peace & happiness – is in your heart. You’re no longer needy or attached to money & clients.

Make sense?


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Keep Allah in your heart. Keep wealth in your hands. Keep me in your prayers.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

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