Marriage Advice From A Divorced Guy…



I know…  I get the irony.

But somehow I’ve managed to save dozens of marriages since turning my own into a total train wreck.

How is that possible? Simple.

After getting divorced, I went on a long, horrendously difficult journey of personal growth that culminated in discovering what I now realise is a new Paradigm for Personal Development.

Maybe you’ve heard the old adage:

“The good person is the one who learns from their own mistakes. The wise person is the one who learns from the mistakes of others.”

Well, I invite you to come & learn from my hundreds of failures, mistakes & mess-ups with relationships, money, health, family & much, much more…

The Paradigm Shift.

As well as learning from my mistakes, I’ll also (obviously) share the Paradigm that can turn a fool like me into a “wise-guy”.

(*You read that in an Italian-American accent, right?)

Peace, Love & Blessings.


P.S. There were originally 80 places. Last time I checked there were only 27 seats left. The best Early Bird Rate ends on Friday at midnight (UK time).

So, if you really want to be wise, reserve your place now, before the event sells out: http://mamoonyusaf.com/lp/paradigm-shift/

P.P.S. Have you purchased an online training program from me in the last 12 months? If so, you might be entitled to a free ticket. Reply to this email with your full name to claim it.



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