Is It Really Possible To Make Huge Personal Changes Instantly, Permanently… And
As Effortlessly As Watching Netflix?!

If you’ve been trying to make changes to your mindset, body, relationships, finances, productivity, or spirituality, then this letter will show you how to do it once & for all, as easily as clicking ‘Play’…

Dear Friend,

Mamoon YusafThis letter is an invitation to something that everyone is searching for, but unfortunately, most people will never find. The fact that you’re reading this letter means that fate has opened a door for you, and after carefully reading this, it will be up to you to walk through.

I’ve created a monthly membership program for you called, “The Ocean”, which is designed to be as easy as watching Netflix, but more transformational than any course you’ve ever attended. The aim is to show you how you can:

“Effortlessly Transform Your Life,
From The Inside-Out…”

As you immerse yourself into ‘The Ocean’, the same way you would with your favourite TV show on Netflix, God-willing, you will emerge:

  • Feeling renewed, re-energised & totally inspired to get back to work & make the most of your life
  • With a deep sense of inner love & connection that transforms all your relationships
  • Having re-set to your natural state of inner peace & confidence as you step back into being your best, highest self
  • Having already permanently let go of all any insecurity, self-doubt and fear that may have been holding you back until now
  • Feeling a surge of spiritual energy that impacts every aspect of your day (and keeps getting stronger over time)
  • Being much more present more of the time, so you feel in the zone with your family & friends and super-productive and unstoppable at work
  • In touch with you inner-most intuition and feeling like the Infinite Intelligence Behind Life is guiding you through your days.

It’s basically binge-watching, but without the guilt. And, with a kind of deep inner-transformation and spiritual connection that you just can’t get from shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Stranger Things’.

“As Seen On TV…”

As the ‘Quran Coach’, I’ve spent the last decade creating online digital training programs and home-study courses, that have helped thousands of people connect the dots between the spiritual teachings in Islam to the big changes they wanted to make in their mindset, body, relationships, finances, productivity, and of course, spiritual life.

If you’ve already seen the TV Show “Taqwa Transformation”, then you’ve seen how deeply and profoundly these teachings have impacted people and completely transformed their lives.

And now, it’s your turn…

The reason people’s lives change through these courses, is that these are the first personal development trainings of their kind, based on the assumption that:

  • There is an Infinite Intelligence Behind Life (Note: I call this “Universal Mind” or “Allah”, interchangeably) – and this has HUGE implications for our psychological well-being
  • As you deepen your understanding of the “Inside-Out Paradigm”, you transcend your ego, and become a deeper, more connected human being…
  • …A very positive side effect is that you tend to attract a lot more of the love, health, wealth & happiness you want (because your ego is no longer sabotaging your efforts).

Before I show you how you can get access to ALL of my digital training programs for a fraction of the normal investment, here’s an important question for all personal-growth enthusiasts…

“How Much Does ‘Self-Help’ or ‘Personal Development’ Actually Improve Your Life…?”

Well, for a lot of people… it doesn’t.

There are literally millions of people around the world who put a lot of time, energy and effort into their personal development, but are still facing a whole array of real life problems.

Problems like…

  • Married couples who, despite studying courses on marriage are seriously considering divorce
  • Single people who, despite all the dating events, advice & websites, are struggling to find suitable partners
  • Formerly-Thin people who are struggling to get back in shape, despite buying the gym memberships, infomercials & fitness magazines
  • Leaders whose organizations are in total anarchy, despite all the leadership training they’ve been through
  • Parents whose kids are out of control despite going to parenting courses & reading books on the subject
  • Business Owners who are struggling to pay the rent month by month, despite buying all those courses on marketing & client-attraction
  • Deeply spiritual people who can’t get themselves to wake up early for their spiritual practices, and can’t manage to concentrate during prayer or meditation and ultimately feel low & unproductive as a result
  • And so on…

All of this begs the question…

“If Personal Development Is So Great, How Come We’re Still Struggling With These Everyday Problems…?”

The solution to these problems is available to us.

We’ve just been looking in the wrong place.

We’ve been expecting the personal development trainings & religious teachings to tell us what to do to fix our lives on the outside, but… that’s not how it works.

The answers don’t lie on the outside. The answers lie within.

As the Quran says…

“God will not change the condition of a people until they change within themselves”

“Immerse Yourself into ‘The Ocean’ And Experience The Inner-Change You’ve Been Searching For Your Whole Life…”

When we change, within ourselves, the external changes we want (finding love, getting the job you want, waking up early & being productive from dawn, making more money, having a better body… etc.) become almost effortless.

(Note: That’s why one of my best-selling online programs is called ‘Effortless Transformation’.)

When I say transformation can be ‘effortless’, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need to change your eating patterns and exercise if you want to get in shape.

It means that you won’t waste all your mental energy with the highs and lows of emotional eating and then psych yourself out of going to the gym.

Instead, you’ll decide what you want and just do it, as easily as you’re reading this page right now.

“Join ‘The Ocean’ And Enjoy An Abundance Of Life-Enhancing Wisdom, Insight & Inspiration Designed To Effortlessly Transform All Areas of Your Personal Life, From The Inside-Out…”

When you dip your toes into ‘The Ocean’, you’ll get to enjoy watching programs designed to help you make the key changes you want in each area of your life. Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover…

Focus 1: Mindset

In programs such as ‘Effortless Transformation’ and ‘The Paradigm Shift’, you’ll discover:

  • The ultimate limiting belief that’s been sabotaging your success in all areas of life (and the simple understanding that lets you transcend it)
  • The Ultimate Nafs Traps – the greatest deception that mankind has fallen pray to since the beginning of time
  • Why most therapists are 100% wrong in the way they try to heal us from our past traumas (and might even innocently lead to more harm than good… and the psychological understanding that let’s us change, effortlessly and permanently)
  • The Mind-Virus that’s lead us to wasting so much time, energy and effort into self-improvement, but has left us still feeling ‘not good enough’
  • The one mistake that even experienced coaches make when they try helping people achieve their goals
  • How to quiet the ‘Mufti In Your Mind’ that is full of self-defeating judgment and causes us to beat ourselves up over and over again
  • Why certain famous personal growth ‘gurus’ are leading us astray because of what they don’t yet know about how the mind works
  • How a simple adjustment in your understanding of how Thought works, can lead to an instant ‘letting go’ of all insecurities, fears, and self-doubt
  • And so much, much more…

Focus 2: Body

In programs such as ‘Finally Thin Forever’ and ‘Built For Life’, you’ll discover:

  • The simplest fat-loss plan ever devised, laid out step-by-step so anyone can easily follow it.
  • How to change your ‘default settings’ when it comes to eating and training, so that burning fat becomes the norm for you, and feels totally effortless.
  • Busting myths: the biggest secrets, lies & myths in the health & fitness industry that keep us fat, torturing ourselves on fad diets & regimes.
  • The simple workout plan that is totally do-able, and why 1 *real * workout a week is all you really need to start molding your body into the shape you want.
  • The 3 types of workouts you can do, which are more important, which help you get in shape the fastest, and why all 3 are essential in the long-term.
  • The 10-Minute Fat Loss Method: A simple strategy you can use, before you’re even done listening to the program, that makes burning fat easy, convenient, and inevitable all week long.
  • Why men and women, the young and the old, all need to weight train, and the safest, most effective way to do it in just 20 minutes a week.
  • The 1 surprisingly innocent food that I was brought up eating every day, which I eliminate from my diet the moment I decide to start getting in shape… and which I now see as more harmful than even sweets & chocolates.
  • The psychology of comfort eating, and how to instantly eliminate it.
  • The 1 change I make to my environment that makes it virtually impossible to not burn fat during the week.
  • Destroying the myth that you can’t lose fat and gain muscle at the same time (sure, you can’t do both in the same minute, but your body does do both in the same week, when you follow the simple plan I lay out).
  • And, much, much more…

Focus 3: Money

In programs such as ‘Master Your Money’, you’ll discover:

  • The powerful mind-set shift that results in you never having to worry or be stressed about your finances again – they just become a simple matter of logistics
  • The ancient Sufi story that clarifies the difference between being attached to money and the powerful, spiritual way we can be neutral about money and wealth
  • What life looks like when there is no attachment to money (or not having money)
  • The Millionaire Mindset – discover some key distinctions between the way that very generous and grateful rich people think, and the kinda’ stingy way most middle-class people have been brought up to think about money
  • Self-Made Wealth – why transforming my money-beliefs as a business-owner, resulted in me effortlessly attracting more clients, business & money
  • How to follow the example of the Prophet’s companions so you can charge well for your services without ever feeling guilty about it, or unconsciously sabotaging your own business out of ‘religiosity’
  • Why being detached from money actually tends to increase your income, effortlessly
  • The powerful metaphor that allows you to instantly see money for what it is, and not treat it differently to how you would treat any other tool
  • Money Psychology – Why you probably don’t need more ‘techniques’ to increase your income, but rather a new perspective on money itself
  • The story of a client who really wanted to know exactly what to say & do to grow her business… but even after learning these strategies, nothing changed… until she got a deep understanding of the Paradigm Shift. (And why this resulted in her effortlessly landing a £12K client!)
  • How to be much more generous and grateful for what you’ve got, so you can be a source for spiritual and social change
  • And much, much more…

Focus 4: Love

In programs such as ‘Enlightened Relationships’ and ‘Meet Him & Marry Him’, you’ll discover:

  • How you can be deeply loving and respectful towards your family without ever letting them mentally, emotionally or physically abuse you on any level, ever.
  • Why most marriages end in divorce and how to bring joy, love & happiness into even the most challenging marriages
  • How the “Ultimate Nafs Trap” has been sabotaging all your relationships and why it’s been keeping you from living ‘happily ever after’
  • The Simple Mindset Shift that takes you from perpetual conflict to peaceful, deep, harmonious connection
  • The Complete Enlightened Relationships System – How to transform all your relationships, from the Inside-Out.
  • The Communication Trap that leads most couples into arguments that get out of control… and often eventually leads to divorce
  • Live Q & A and Hot-Seat Coaching with couples & people who are heading for divorce, if there’s no intervention
  • How to know if divorce really is the only answer to your marriage problems (sometimes staying can be more harmful to both of you)
  • NOTE: This training works with ALL of your relationships, including: your marriage; your kids; your parents; work relationships; (… it even works with your in-laws!)
  • And, much, much more…

Focus 5: Time Freedom

In programs such as ‘Time Freedom Formula’ and ‘Productive From Dawn’, you’ll discover:

  • How to tap into your deepest source of inspiration and motivation so you become effortlessly productive
  • The only 4 effective time & task management tools that actually work and how to quickly master them, so you maximize your productivity.
  • How to free your mind of ‘time-scarcity’ so limiting beliefs like ‘I haven’t got enough time’ are cleared from your consciousness.
  • The Baraka Factor: How to be present more of the time, so you can work, and play, in the ‘peak performance zone’.
  • What the real purpose of your time, and your life, actually is and how to live into it, so you fulfill your highest potential.
  • 15 ridiculously funny false beliefs about time that virtually everyone holds to be true, until we blast through them in this powerful, entertaining session.
  • Effortlessly develop the 2 key “Rituals of Excellence” that will keep you energized and in the zone all day long.
  • How to get in the ‘flow state’ and stay fully focused throughout the day(even if you have a million things to do and are totally disorganized like I used to be!)
  • How to develop patient timelines so you have plenty of time & space to make your biggest goals become an inevitable reality AND you enjoy the process a whole lot more.
  • How to set up your life so that you love everything you do (and do only what you love).
  • How you can always feel as free and easy as a Sunday morning, and use that to juice your creativity, to make you even more productive.
  • And much, much more…

Focus 6: Spirituality

In programs such as ‘Quran For Busy People’ and ‘Instant Ihsan’, you’ll discover: There is much more

  • The #1, most important “Law Of The Mind” and “Spiritual Truth”, that will effortlessly release the inner resistance that’s been blocking you from accessing the transformational power of the Quran
  • The connection between the mind & the soul, that brings together the best of western psychology & Islamic spirituality in a deeply profound, yet simple way (suddenly every act of worship will enhance the quality of your life)
  • Why connecting with the Quran is your ‘highest leverage point’ and how it can be more powerful and curative than any type of therapy or coaching
  • The “Inner Salam System” only “technique” you’ll ever need to clear out all the anger, sadness, hurt, guilt & fear from your heart (This also works *extremely* well for mastering desires like hunger & sex)
  • How to be deeply present during your salah and let it dramatically improve the quality of your life, and the results you get in the few hours that follow, so you LOVE to pray, and are able to see how it improves the quality of your personal, family and working life
  • The quickest, easiest way to learn Quranic Arabic so a few weeks from now you can understand 100% of what you read in the Quran, without needing an English translation
  • How to improve your Quran recitation fluency so you can read it easily and never have to be embarrassed or shy to recite in front of others
  • The ‘tajweed trap’ – how to avoid this common mistake that sabotages your attempts to connect with the Quran
  • How to memorize the Quran – even if you only have a few minutes a day (this 7-step program given by a great scholar is still the most popular Quran For Busy People article)
  • How to revise & retain all the Quran you’ve learnt (this is where most people trip up in their attempts to memorize the Quran)
  • The Ultimate Personal Quran Plan – There are over 13 different ways you can approach studying the Quran – this comprehensive plan lays out which are the most important, and what order to study in
  • Where to find a Quran teacher – and which aspects of Quran study require a teacher & which aspects just require self-discipline (Note: both are essential for all believers)
  • How to build the Daily Quran Habit – the #1 key that determines whether you’ll achieve your Quran goals or not – broken down into 5 simple steps that virtually guarantee your success.
  • The best English Quran Translations – and the key understanding you need to enhance your personal reading of the Quran in English
  • And, much, much more…

Do You Want To Experience Real, Lasting Transformation Like All These People?

Each digital training program in The Ocean has sold individually for £300-£500 and was well worth it – I’ve received hundreds of emails, texts & messages of abundant thanks from students all over the world. Messages just like these…

“I’ve Spent Years In Personal Development & I Thought I Had Tried EVERYTHING To Let Go Of Insecure Thinking… Until I Discovered THIS…”

– Tiamo De Vettori

“Recommended By Pop Star Sami Yusuf…”

Sami Yusuf Endorsement

“I Just Lost 1Kg of Fat And Eliminated Binging On Junk Food”

– Zohra
Testimonial from Zohra

“I used to wake up at 5am to do affirmations & gratitude lists – I don’t need to do that to feel better any more. Since the Paradigm Shift, my life has been changing effortlessly.”

– Sandie Martel

“Before the Paradigm Shift I used to worry so much about public speaking – now I just do it without worrying…!”

– Mary Strange

“You’d have to be *NUTS* not to come to Mamoon’s event – I’m coming all the way from Australia!”

– Kathryn Jones

“Mamoon’s teachings completely changed my life and my confidence has skyrocketed.”

– Pamela Cournoyer

“I Have Changed – I’m More Aware, Can Deal With Challenging People & Circumstances Better & Overall Much Happier & More Well-Rounded…”

I came across the Instant Ihsan course by sheer accident which I know now this wasn’t the case. Allah guided me towards it. I was going through a very rough patch with the ill health of my mother. The course taught me a few techniques to deal with this. I have changed as a person. No longer am I bogged down with ‘What if this happens’ to dealing with actual events. I have become more aware of people and circumstances around me. I no longer have a questionable idea but a master plan which I am currently working on. Overall I am much happier and my sister has commented on this also. I thought I was a well rounded individual before participating on this course, but having done the course it proved how wrong I was. Mamoon a massive massive Jazakha’Allahu khairon for opening my eyes to the way of Instant Ihsan. May Allah reward you abundantly.

– Zahra Baharun (Instant Ihsan Student)

So, how do you create the internal change that causes all the external changes you want to see in your life…?

That’s what each one of my programs is designed to do for you. But now, instead of investing £300-£500 in each program, you can access ALL of them for a tiny fraction of the investment.

“Here’s What You Get When You Join…”

Above are just a few of the changes you’ll experience when you join ‘The Ocean’. There is much, much more waiting for you just beneath the surface. Here is a list of all the programs you get instant access to when you join:

  • Effortless Transformation – The New Paradigm of Personal Development (Value: £497)*
  • Meet Him & Marry Him – The Marriage Guide That Actually Works (Value: £497)*
  • The Paradigm Shift – How To Transform Your Life, From the Inside-Out (Value: £497)*
  • Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion – Timeless Principles Taught by Keith Belevens & Valda Monroe (Value: £497)*
  • Finally Thin Forever – Effortlessly Burn Fat And Transform Your Body, From The Inside-Out (Value: £497)*
  • Enlightened Relationships – How To Deepen Loving Relationships, From the Inside-Out (Value: £497)*
  • Time Freedom Formula – How To Live In The Flow & Still Get Everything Done (Value: £497)*
  • Productive From Fajr – How To Be Spiritually Productive All Day Long (Value: £497)*
  • Master Your Money – How To Live With Financial Abundance, Gratitude & Generosity (Value: £497)*
  • Instant Ihsan – The Spiritual Transformation Program (Value: £497)*
  • Time For Quran – How To Achieve Your Quran Goals, Step By Step (Value: £497)*
  • Quran For Busy People – Your Ultimate Personal Quran Plan (Value: £497)*

*Please Note: These are real-world values. Each of these programs has actually been sold for this amount, or it was given to members as part of a much higher-priced (£5-10K) Mastermind program.

“Yes Mamoon! I’m Ready To Join The Ocean And Get Instant Access To All Your Programs!”

Total Value of Everything You Get: £5,964

Your Investment Today: £54 £27

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1 Payment of £27

I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I have read the cancellation policy. I understand The Ocean is £27 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. I also understand there are no refunds on subscriptions, but that I can cancel any time via the email or address at the bottom of this page.


How ‘The Ocean’ Membership (And Cancellation) Works

When you join now, you get instant online access to over a dozen life-transforming personal development trainings, that share insight into making lasting changes from the Inside-Out, in the 6 major areas of our lives: mind, body, spirit, time, money & love.

Each training, is worth (and most have actually been sold for) £497. They each, on average, contain 6 modules – some have up to 10. If you were to study these at a reasonable pace of 1 module per week, you wouldn’t get through this whole ocean of wisdom in the next 2 years.

Of course, you can binge-watch an entire program. However, to get the most benefit out of each program, and to really master the material, I recommend you slow down… and go back through each module at least 6-10 times over.

People have found this to be an enlightening, deeply transformational experience. There is an ocean of insight, wisdom & guidance waiting for you inside this website, and you’ll really want to take your time to let it all soak in.

Each year, I add a few new trainings that go into even more depth and share more insight into these 5 areas of life. So, you’ll only ever be 1 click away from an abundance of uplifting, inspirational, guidance & wisdom.

You pay for access on a monthly basis, and you can quit at any time.

NOTE: There are no refunds on subscriptions.

But, you can cancel any time (for any reason).

If you do choose to cancel, you’ll obviously lose access to your programs and you’ll have to pay a re-join fee before you’re invited back in. Our hope is that when you join, and immerse yourself in such an abundance of continuous, valuable, life-enhancing, insightful training, you’ll want to be a member forever, insha’Allah. That should be your intention when you join. (And I’ll do everything to make it very worth your while, by periodically adding new trainings that multiply the value of your membership).

Say ‘bismillah’, check the box below, and dive into The Ocean.

The ‘water’ is warm & lovely and this really is the best next move, if you want to join us on this life-long journey of continuous transformation, from the Inside-Out.

Dive in now & to reward you for joining during this launch period, you’ll get a discount that lasts over the entire life-time of your membership, insha’Allah.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

P.S. In Summary:

By joining now, for just £27 per month, you get access to TWELVE programs, designed (and proven) to transform your life.

The regular amount for each of these 12 programs is £497 and they are available for that investment on my websites.

If you join later, you won’t get this (amazing!) discounted rate and you may have to pay the regular amount for the programs you want.

There are no refunds on memberships, but you can cancel any time for any reason, by sending an email to the address at the bottom of this page.

Total Value of Everything You Get: £5,964

Your Investment Today: £54 £27

Pay Monthly

1 Payment of £27

I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I have read the cancellation policy. I understand The Ocean is £27 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. I also understand there are no refunds on subscriptions, but that I can cancel any time via the email or address at the bottom of this page.


For support on your membership or questions about the program, please email