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The Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift Home Study Course


This program will help you ‘get’ the Inside-Out Paradigm on a deep level. This ONE permanent shift in perspective causes massive transformation in your life.

The Money Transformation:

Never feel financially insecure, or worry about money again; live in abundant gratitude and actually feel closer to Allah every time you use money.

The Love Transformation:

Discover the true source of love that lets you attract real, loving relationships & how to fix your marriage (…even if your partner doesn’t want to change).

The Spiritual Transformation:

The cure to all 21 spiritual dis-eases of the heart & let go of the only thing that’s been blocking your ability to memorize the Quran, master your nafs & pray with ease & grace.

The Body Transformation:

Effortlessly change your eating & training patterns so you inevitably get back into the best shape of your life & never let your emotional eating & cravings sabotage your body.

The Time Transformation:

How to permanently end ‘time scarcity’, be fully present and live & work in ‘the Zone’ & resolve the root causes of stress & anxiety.

The Leadership Transformation:

Discover the hidden key to true, heart-centered leadership, so you can be the one to keep your head while those around you are losing theirs… no matter how drastic the circumstances.

Plus, You’ll Get These Special Bonuses When You Join Now…

Two Tickets to The Paradigm Shift Live Event

Two Tickets to The Paradigm Shift Live Event

Not only will you be able to transform your life immediately using the online course, you’ll also get to deepen your understanding of the Inside-Out Paradigm live with me, in-person.

The next event will be in October 2018 in Central London

Value2 x £997

Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion 4-Part Webinar Series

The Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion Experience Event Recordings

This exciting live event was lead by the founders of the Inside-Out Paradigm, Valda Monroe & Keith Blevens, Here’s what you’ll discover inside the recordings…

  • DAY 1: The World-Changing Paradigm
  • DAY 2: The Mind-Blowing Principles
  • DAY 3: The Life-Changing Implications


Breakthrough Session

1-to-1 Personal Breakthrough Session with Mamoon

In this personal, 45-minute telephone coaching session, we’ll work together to transform any area of life that you want to focus on, including relationships, money, health, business, or time-freedom.

  • Create a crystal clear vision of your most beautifully inspired life, and how to make that transformation happen, from the Inside-Out.
  • Uncover hidden challenges and “Nafs (Ego) Traps” that might have been sabotaging your success until now.
  • Map out a 5-Step Inspired Action Plan that will dramatically improve the quality of your life.
  • Get renewed, re-energised & totally inspired to transform your life once & for all, from the Inside-Out.


Total Value of Everything You Get: £3,285

Your Investment: £297

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Pray Your Istikhara Guarantee

Pray On It 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You get 30 days to pray your Istikhara, make sure you love the program, enjoy all the insights, and if you really feel we didn’t deliver or this isn’t a really awesome training program… just email us in the first 30 days & you’ll get an instant refund.

All I ask is that you study the program first. Give it a go.

What Students Are Saying…

Everything has changed… Now I have a daily relationship with the Quran, I pray Tahajjud, emotional eating is gone, my relationships are better – and I’m making money doing what I love in my business!


“My business has sky-rocketed! I’ve created longer term packages, i charge way more, I have a team now and I’ve created space & time for myself… you will get your return on investment – guaranteed!”

Marina Pearson

“Reading the Quran & praying doesn’t feel like a must or a should anymore. Its not something I have to do but want to do.

I want to pick up the Quran and read but don’t feel guilty when I don’t. Its a joy and pleasure to read. I actually ENJOY reading the Quran & praying. I feel so empowered!!! I feel blessed.“


“I feel much better about the divorce & letting go of the past. With this insight & training, the future is definitely going to be different.”


“I’ve spent years in personal development & I thought I had tried EVERYTHING to let go of insecure thinking… Until I discovered THIS…”

Tiamo De Vettori

“Before the Paradigm Shift I used to worry so much about public speaking – now I just do it without worrying…!”

Mary Strange

“I don’t feel finding a partner is a big challenge now. It’s going to happen, insha’Allah.”


“I used to wake up at 5am to do affirmations & gratitude lists – I don’t need to do that to feel better any more. Since the Paradigm Shift, my life has been changing effortlessly.”

Sandie Martel

“Mamoon’s teachings completely changed my life and my confidence has skyrocketed.”

Pamela Cournoyer

“My husband and I had serious issues and arguing for years…

Thanks to your training, we just cleared it all up.”


Full Pay

One Payment of £297
(Save £91!)

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Payment Plan

4 Payments of £97

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