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Courses Included with The Ocean

I understand that by joining now I get instant access to your best online training programs, each of which is worth and has previously been sold for for £497, including…

  • Effortless Transformation – The New Paradigm of Personal Development
    (Previously sold for £497)
  • Meet Him & Marry Him – The Marriage Guide That Actually Works
    (Previously sold for £497)
  • The Paradigm Shift – How To Transform Your Life, From the Inside-Out
  • Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion – Timeless Principles Taught by Keith Belevens & Valda Monroe
    (Previously sold for £497)
  • Finally Thin Forever – Effortlessly Burn Fat And Transform Your Body, From The Inside-Out
    (Previously sold for £497)
  • Enlightened Relationships – How To Deepen Loving Relationships, From the Inside-Out
    (Previously sold for £497)
  • Time Freedom Formula – How To Live In The Flow & Still Get Everything Done
    (Previously sold for £497)
  • Productive From Fajr – How To Be Spiritually Productive All Day Long
    (Previously sold for £497)
  • Master Your Money – How To Live With Financial Abundance, Gratitude & Generosity
  • Instant Ihsan – The Spiritual Transformation Program
    (Previously sold for £497)
  • Time For Quran – How To Achieve Your Quran Goals, Step By Step
    (Previously sold for £497)
  • Quran For Busy People – Your Ultimate Personal Quran Plan
    (Previously sold for £497)

Total Value of Everything You Get: £5,964

Your Investment Today: £27

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I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I have read the cancellation policy. I understand The Ocean is £27 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. I also understand there are no refunds on subscriptions, but that I can cancel any time via the email or address at the bottom of this page.


How Ocean Membership (And Cancellation) Works

When you join now, you get instant online access to over a dozen life-transforming personal development trainings, that share insight into making lasting changes from the Inside-Out, in the 5 major areas of our lives: time, money, love, body & spirituality.

Each training, is worth (and most have actually been sold for) £497. They each, on average, contain 6 modules – some have up to 10. If you were to study these at a reasonable pace of 1 module per week, you wouldn’t get through this whole buffet of wisdom in the next 2 years.

However, to get the most benefit out of each program, and to really master the material, I recommend you slow down… and go through each module at least 6-10 times over.

People have found this to be an enlightening, deeply transformational experience.

There is an ocean of insight, wisdom & guidance waiting for you inside this website, and you’ll really want to take your time to let it all soak in.

Each year, I add a few new trainings that go into even more depth and share more insight into these 5 areas of life. So, you’ll only ever be 1 click away from an abundance of uplifting, inspirational, guidance & wisdom.

You pay for access on a monthly basis, and you can quit at any time.

NOTE: There are no refunds on subscriptions.
But, you can cancel any time (for any reason).

If you do choose to cancel, you’ll obviously lose access to your programs and you won’t be invited back in.

Say ‘bismillah’, check the box below, and dive into The Ocean.
The water is warm & lovely and this really is the best next move, if you want to join us on this life-long journey of continuous transformation, from the Inside-Out.

Dive in now & if you’re one of the first 20, I’ll see you in person (or via Livestream) in March, insha’Allah.

Peace, Love & Blessings,

P.S. In Summary:

By joining now, for just £27 per month, you get access to TWELVE programs, designed (and proven) to transform each area of your life.

There are no refunds on memberships, but you can cancel any time for any reason, by sending an email to the address at the bottom of this page.