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How To Master Your Nafs

In this powerful, eye-opening webinar, you’ll discover…

  • What the Nafs really is and why mastering it is the key to worldly success (money, relationships, health, etc.) and eternal happiness (i.e. Paradise!)
  • The “Ultimate Nafs Trap” that’s been blocking your potential, sabotaging all areas of your life and keeping you small.
  • The Cure for all the spiritual diseases of the heart (and how you can score 100% on the Nafs-Mastery Assessment)
  • Instant Ihsan – The Complete Step-By-Step System for Spiritual Transformation, based on the Inside-Out Paradigm
  • And much, much more…

NOTE: Your life is about to get a lot more awesome – you’ll discover the ONLY thing that’s been blocking your unlimited potential.

Mamoon Yusaf

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Mamoon Yusaf