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Why Most Muslim Couples Divorce (…And The 5 Secrets Of Successful Relationships)

In this powerful, eye-opening webinar, you’ll discover…

  • Why most Muslim couples divorce and how to bring joy, love & happiness into even the most challenging marriages
  • The “Ultimate Nafs Trap” that’s been sabotaging all your relationships and how it’s been keeping you from living ‘happily ever after’
  • The Simple Mindset Shift that takes you from perpetual conflict to peaceful, deep, harmonious connection
  • The Enlightened Relationships System – How to transform all your relationships, from the Inside-Out.
  • NOTE: This training works with ALL of your relationships, including: your marriage; your kids; your parents; work relationships; (… it even works with your in-laws! 😉
Mamoon Yusaf

Mamoon Yusaf

Mamoon Yusaf is a Thought Leader, Peace Activist, and Transformational Coach of the Muslim community.

He is the star of the popular TV shows, ‘The Quran Coach’ and ‘Taqwa Transformation’, where he changes people’s lives through his powerful message of the Truth of the Inside-Out Paradigm.