Keep Calm & Carry On…


Assalam Alaikum,

This is the most British saying that’s ever been said, and it’s become quite a joke & Facebook meme.

But, if you think about it – this saying actually represents a very deeply spiritual state of mind. It contains the essence of ‘sabr’ or ‘resilience’.

It’s easy to lash out at others in fear, anger or hatred. It is much, much harder to transcend this reaction & do what the Quran recommends when a calamity strikes:

“We shall certainly test you with fear and hunger, and loss of property, lives, and crops.  

But, give good news to those who are steadfast,

Those who say, when afflicted with a calamity: ‘From Allah we come and to Him we shall return.’

These will be given blessings and mercy from their Lord, and it is they who are rightly guided.”

 [Quran 2: 155-157]

Islam is a religion of beauty, wisdom & love for all of humanity. And it teaches us the most British value there is:

Keep Calm & Carry On.

If you’d like to know how to find inner peace & tranquillity so you can become much more resilient and have more ‘sabr’ – no matter how crazy the world around you gets – I’ve created something very special for you.

It’s my new coaching program called:

‘The Shift’.

The very first thing you’ll learn about is the ‘Paradigm of Resilience’ that helps us find that inner resolve to keep going, even after we’ve taken a hit.

Email that you are interested in the program & I’ll send you the details.

This Ramadan, our thoughts & prayers are with the people of my home town Manchester, the victims and their families.

May they continue to be shining lights of resilience, love & compassion and an example for the world.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

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