Islam worse than cancer?!



Did you see the research done recently that shows that over the last 25 years, Islam has been more negatively covered than Cancer, Alcoholism & Cocaine by the New York Times?!

You’re probably not even surprised by that fact.

It’s totally normal to get angry, offended, fed up and just upset at all the trash people talk about Islam, when you know it’s really the greatest blessing that has ever descended upon humanity.

However, in our love for Islam, let’s not forget to live Islam. To live Islam is to…

  • Love your neighbor – like the Flint Muslim activists that are paying to fix the lead pipes poisoning their neighborhood.
  • Pray that Allah blesses Donald Trump & his hateful supporters with the greatest of blessings: guidance. (Just like the Prophet, peace & blessings upon him prayed for the people of Taif who ridiculed & persecuted him).
  • Let go of your anger that only harms you, not those you’re angry towards (like the Prophet, peace & blessings upon him, said 3 times to the man who asked him for advice: “Don’t become angry”).
  • Spread peace, feed the hungry, pray at night, and save people from the evil inside yourself – as the Prophet advised, peace & blessings be upon him.
  • Wish for humanity what you wish for yourself – the very essence of Islamic spirituality.
  • And so much more, as you already know.

Islam has never been about accepting evil, but transcending it.

To develop the kind of character that allows you to truly live Islam, you need to master the part of yourself that isn’t completely aligned with this benevolent religion.

That part of you is called the ‘nafs’.

And here is the most comprehensive training I’ve ever created on how to master it:

Enjoy the free training!


Peace, Love & Blessings.



P.S. You’re awesome, just the way you are. Your loving presence is the only thing anyone needs to see the beauty of Islam. Here’s how to step into your True Self more powerfully:

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