If you think your husband’s cheating…


When your marriage isn’t working, your brain can go to Crazy-Town.

Even if your husband is the most noble man you know, you can start getting insecure about every single woman who he crosses paths with (…Especially if you know he’s a great catch.)

That’s what happened with one of my clients (who will remain un-named), before she learned the 5 secrets to Successful Relationships.

Every time her husband received a text, her heart sank. She thought it was from some other woman.

Every time he stayed at work a little longer than his shift, she thought it was another woman.

Every time he didn’t answer his phone when she called… she thought he was with someone else.

And, because she didn’t want to be played for a fool, she would be moody with him when he was home.

Of course, her suspicion really annoyed him because it was unfounded. (Although she was so afraid it was true, she had plenty of evidence for it).

Soon all these other really common symptoms of broken marriages started showing up too…

  • They would argue very frequently – more than once a week
  • The intensity of the arguments got worse & worse over time, over smaller & smaller things
  • Their intimate life… wasn’t very intimate.
  • Jealously would quickly lead to hatred & foolish behaviour in both of them
  • Their in-laws would stir up trouble every time they came around
  • …And there was no end in sight.

Until she discovered this:

Why Most Muslim Couples Divorce (…And The 5 Secrets Of Successful Marriages).

Their relationship did a complete 180* degree turn around.

Now they…

  • Appreciate each others presence.
  • No longer suffer from jealousy. No more fear of cheating (or questionable behaviour).
  • They’re a team when they need to face their in-laws or other family members
  • They have deep conversations that move things forward, without ever arguing. (Ever!)
  • They truly love each other & their relationship seems to be getting better over time. (This was over 2 years ago now & they’re still going strong, mA)

Want to know how they turned things around…?

Join this online Masterclass:

Why Most Muslim Couples Divorce (…And The 5 Secrets Of Successful Marriages).

It will bullet-proof your marriage, insha’Allah.

Peace, Love & Blessings.


P.S. If you’re already divorced, you definitely want to go through this to understand why & learn how to avoid it in the future, insha’Allah.

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