If The Secret’s So Great, Where’s My Ferrari?


A few years ago one of my coaches and dear friends, the brilliant author, Jamie Smart delivered a 2-day  workshop called “If The Secret’s So Great, Where’s  My Ferrari?”

If you’ve never come across ‘The Secret’, it was a popular book & movie about the importance of what was claimed to be the most powerful “Law” of personal development & psychology:

“The Law of Attraction” – that like attracts like, so by focusing your thoughts on what you want, you can attract it, and thereby create the life you want.

And yet…

…Still no Ferrari.

What gives?

While I have a strong preference for focusing on what you want over what you don’t want, and a zero-tolerance policy on my loved ones (that includes you!) putting themselves down with their own thoughts, the reality is that “The Law of Attraction” has kind of a HUGE flaw…

It’s not a law.

At least, not in the truest sense of the term ‘law’. It’s not going to hold up in reliability when compared with the Law of Gravity, for example.

Too bad.

However, there is a ‘secret’ that’s much more powerful and does WAY more for you than ‘The Secret’ in the movie ever could.

And this ‘Secret’ actually is a law.

The Real Secret is completely unbreakable.

It’s a God-given gift that most of humanity are totally unaware of that lets you effortlessly create your most awesome life.

In fact…

Every single area of your life that’s screwed up right now has ended up that way, because you’ve been in denial of this Law.

And every single area of your life that’s going perfectly well right now is that way because you’re (unknowingly) in alignment with this Law.

Want to know what the only Absolutely Unbreakable Law of personal development & human psychology actually is…?

Well, I’m going to keep you in suspense until you join us over here:


Hey, it is a ‘secret’ after all 😉

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