How To Have Your Worst Year Ever…


Assalam Alaikum,

A lot of people complained that 2016 was all death & destruction. And I can see why.

In one tragic year, people voted for Brexit, Trump got elected, the beautiful land of Syria was largely destroyed (may Allah give the Syrian people strength & safety), and a lot of popular celebrities including our beloved brother Muhammad Ali (may he rest in peace), passed away.

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon”
From Allah we come & to Allah we return.

“La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah”
There is no might or power, except Allah.

So, if you want the downward trajectory of the world to continue in your personal life, here is what I suggest you do…

How to have the worst year of your life:

• Worry more about the state of the world than the state of your heart.

• Watch more Fox News, and read less Quran.

• Pretend your feelings come from the state of the world around you, not the state of your mind inside of you.

• Do not explore any self-development books or courses, because you already have it all figured out.

• Stop being loving, kind and generous to all those around you.

• And, above all, do not watch our life-transforming web-class, The Paradigm Shift.

If you do, only good things will happen, and this year might just turn out to be the best one of your life:

The Paradigm Shift Web-Class.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

P.S. Joking aside, may Allah bless you with divine Love, Light, and a total abundance of Peace, Joy & Blessings today, this week, this year and every year. May 1438 AH / 2017 AD be the best year of your life so far.

And, joking aside, watch the web-class. It’s good for you: The Paradigm Shift Web-Class.

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