Free Your Time, Free Your Life


Assalam Alaikum,

This is the name of a program by one of my business mentors, Christian Mickelsen.

Working with him was the first time I ever really stopped to think about how much I was under the illusion that: “I don’t have enough time” and that “There isn’t enough time”.

By breaking free from these limiting ‘Time Scarcity’ mindsets, we soon discover that:

  • There’s actually plenty of time for what matters most.
  • The only time that really exists is this moment. In this moment, the past and future are just figments of our imagination.
  • The true purpose of life is to deepen your awareness of Allah, not to ‘get stuff done’.
  • By deepening your presence & awareness of Allah, you counter-intuitively, get into ‘the Zone’ and become more productive.
  • It’s actually possible to live without being a slave to stress and worry, no matter what work you do, and what the people in your life expect of you.
  • If you don’t learn to say ‘no’, you’ll always be stressed and overwhelmed. You can say it kindly & firmly. But you must say it…

In the words of Paolo Coelho: “Be sure that when you say ‘yes’ to someone else, you’re not saying ‘no’ to yourself”.

For an in-depth training that shows you how to actually live by these ideas, check out the ‘Time Freedom Formula’ program in The Ocean:

The Ocean: All Access Pass.  

Peace, Love & Blessings.


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