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Assalam Alaikum,

Yesterday I sent you information about how my friend, Minesh Baxi, is helping coaches get their first ten coaching clients.

Did you get it?

Just in case you did not get the link, Minesh is offering his eBook – “The Secret To Getting Your First Ten Coaching Clients” for you to download for free. I can tell you from my experience – it is full of great information and will get you excited about become successful in creating cash flow as an expert.

Minesh has been coaching for over 16 years and he speaks all over the country. Quite often he takes his family along with him. Right now he is traveling in the Midwest speaking to clients, making money and enjoying time with his wife and kids.

He spends winters going to places like Florida, Hawaii and India. He has been to Disneyworld with his family over 150 times just in the last 2 years and his 13 year old daughter and 9 year old son think he is the coolest

And Minesh has written a free eBook that I highly endorse and encourage you to read:

Download Ebook

It is a must read for any expert, speaker and author who is eager to grow his or her business.

You can opt in for Minesh’s book with one easy click here:

If you feel you are missing a simple game plan, then read his book. He’s also offering a free Client Attraction Checklist that will help you identify areas you should focus on now.

Get your free copy soon.

Get his wisdom and apply it.

Click here to get the book now

Peace, Love & Blessings.



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