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Check out what one of my students, Shabana, who just went through the “Instant Ihsan” program has to say about it…


“I’ve been listening to the Instant Ihsan program: only been a week and would like to update you with the following insights that I’ve been experiencing:

  • Waking up for fajr without an alarm clock
  • Feeling free from the inside – something lifted off my shoulders
  • Tingling feeling on my crown chakra and on my shoulders (feel this when sometimes praying and making dua as well)
  • Been very productive at work
  • One day I looked up at the sky and focused how the clouds were moving. I made a deep hearted dua, saw white tiny sparkles (this is true), felt lighter – an amazing experience!
  • Close my eyes, feel a white light is on my face
  • When I’m making wudu, I actually feel I’m washing away my sins before performing salah
  • Alhamdulillah for all of the above”


Okay, some of that was even a bit too”woo-woo” for me, but alhamdulillah, so glad the program has had such a deep impact on her.

If you haven’t been through the Instant Ihsan program yet, you’re seriously missing out. So many people tell me going through this online training has been the most transformational experience of their life.

You can check it out here:

Peace, Love & Blessings.

Mamoon 🙂

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