Fed up of marriage events…?


Assalam Alaikum,


This is another one for the benefit of our single

Muslim sisters…


What if finding a husband and getting married

didn’t have to take up so much time, effort &



List Of Places You Can Meet Your Future Husband

This Week, Insha’Allah.


(If you’re NOT a single Muslim woman,  forward

this email onto any that you know are looking…

they’ll thank  you for it, insha’Allah.)


I’ve been hearing from a lot of women who are

just totally fed up of…

  • Marriage websites, with creeps who
    never want to meet up in person.
  • Marriage events, where no-one gets
    married and the same people show up
    month after month.
  • So-called friends that are happily
    married, but never think to introduce
    you to anyone.
  • Aunty-Gee’s & family ‘friends’ who
    give you hassle for not being married yet.


And the list goes on…


So, what if finding a husband could actually

be effortless…?


I created this special online web-class event,

just for you. It’s called…


The 5 Best Places To Meet Your Future-Husband



Click here to get an instant download of a list of

places you can go to find your future-husband,

insha’Allah, and you’ll get an exclusive invite to the



Let me know what you think of the class :O)


Peace, Love & Blessings.



P.S. If you’re NOT a single Muslim woman, forward

this email on to any that you know are looking…

they’ll thank  you for it, insha’Allah:


Where To Find Your Ideal Muslim Husband

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